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AIR CANADA & WESTJET: Allow ferrets as carry-on and as checked baggage on their flights.

At the moment Air Canada, WestJet & Porter are excluding ferret owners from flying with their pets. Not only are ferrets not welcome under your seat in the cabin on any airline, but none of these airlines will allow ferrets to travel as checked bagged, even though they offer one or both options to cat and dog owners.

The "solution" is for ferret owners to pay more than any cat or dog owner pays for an animal up to 70lbs, for our 1-5lb ferrets. Not only does the "solution" to cost MORE, it also means that ferret owners are forced to take long detours from the airport to get to the airlines' respecitve cargo handling facilities, where the ferrets will then be transported in cold or hot weather back to the airport to be loaded into the same cargo hold that cats and dogs go when they travel as checked baggage. The difference is that cat & dog owners get to check their pets in at the same time and location as themselves, and the cats and dogs are immidiately transferred to a quiet holding room.

Ferrets that are dropped off at the cargo facilities spend their time waiting for transfer to the airport in a busy, and extremely loud cargo warehouse, which are not always temperature controlled or isolated in any way.

I consider this to be an outrageous treatment of their ferret-owning customers' time and money. It takes advantage of the fact that there is no other way to fly across Canada with a ferret, in order to charge extra for services that are already offered to their "more preferred" customers.

Air Canada, WestJet & Porter, as Canada's three major national airlines this needs to stop and the purpose of this petition is to help you to understand how many potential customers are affected by your current pet policies.

Ferrets are wonderful additions to many Canadian familes. I often say that ferrets are like "perma-kittens" because they never grow tired of chasing toys, feather wands, and rattle balls. Unlike cats, they are far more adventerous and curious of their surroundings. They love to go on walks and explore all the neighourhood parks, and most of all, they love their human families.


Quick Facts About Ferrets:

They are NOT rodents - they are mustelids, which means they are related to polecats, mink, and ermine to name a few.

The domestic ferret is NOT a wild animal. The domestic ferret has been domesticated for well over 2,500 years - longer than the domestic cat.

They do NOT stink - there are no smelly ferrets, only smelly litterboxes and bedding. If a ferret smells bad, it's not being cared for properly.

Ferrets are legal throughout Canada, and are legal for air transport throughout Canada and the United states with proof of rabies vaccination. Follow this URL for more information:


Transport Canada has no restrictions placed on ferrets travelling by air throughout the US and Canada so it is entirely up to the airlines to decide - we want to ensure they make the right decision and allow ferrets.

In order to ensure success, please sign & share this petition to change their minds.

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Please allow ferrets as carry-on and as checked baggage (where safety permits) on your flights. Not doing so indicates disregard for the needs of your potential customers and your failure to explain the reasoning behind your pet policy that excludes ferrets appears discriminatory.

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