The Air Canada Kowtow: Get Air Canada to stop referencing Taiwan as belonging to China

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Though I moved from Taiwan to Canada when I was 6, Taiwan still stayed in my heart. It's my home, the place where I'm from, and the place I love dearly. 

Air Canada recently changed Taiwan's reference to being a part of China. I never thought this would happen in Canada. What happens if US asks Air Canada to turn Ontario into Ontario, USA. I may not be able to support Air Canada with my dollar any more because of this change.

This position is not about independence or unification, it's about stopping the insult to thousands of Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Canadians today choose to travel with Air Canada. It's about deciding what kind of would we want to live in: one where our country is dictated by another or one where we choose to live bravely.

I do not hate China nor Air Canada. I just love Taiwan. 

If you support this position, you are supporting courage, freedom, and love. Please help us get Air Canada to change back it's reference of Taiwan to belonging to Taiwan.

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