Full Money Refund of unused Air Tickets due to COVID-19

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Many people booked their Flight Tickets before the announcements of COVID-19 pandemic and till their dates of travel they were uncertain if they could fly or not because the Airlines stopped picking up phone calls for cancellations also. Upon arrival at the Airports they were been told that their boarding is denied due to COVID-19 and they will have to apply for refunds. Upon applying for refund they were only offered 12-24 month ticket vouchers. Airlines are holding their money where as those customers were not allowed to travel by Airlines or due to Government regulations issues with no prior notice and also Airlines and Travel Agents ignored the phone calls from Customers.

The Customers are paying heavy interests to their credit cards companies for those amounts as mostly tickets are bought through credit cards, and also in these crucial times the customers need more cash in hand rather than a ticket voucher which they are not even sure if they will be able to travel and use in near future. Airlines or the Travel Agencies should not be allowed to hold people’s money and gain interest on that money while a common customer is paying heavy interests on the same amounts to their Credit Card Companies. All customers in such position should be given their full refund to support their families in these tough times.

This petition is also important for a Class-Action lawsuit for the same.