Silver bluff rd , bluff landing rd easement

Silver bluff rd , bluff landing rd easement

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Please help locals of kathwood sc. and Jackson sc. Located in aiken County secure a road and permanent safe  passable ownership along the bluff landing and silver bluff rds  in aiken County.
Up until 2014 the  bluff landing rd merged into the historic rd being known as silver bluff rd coming all the way from aiken to the bluff at the end of the rd , these rds for decades and  centuries were publicly used to access the river and gave the ability to sit at the river Bank where hollow creek and bear island creek dumped out of the swamp long ago ,  the ability to fish or just take a free able ride and sit and watch the water go by or put a kayak in and float to the Jackson landing was stolen or as I say was politically hoarded and taken away from the residents and visitors

Now we are desperately asking for everyone's help to permanently claim the left over portion of bluff landing rd and silver bluff rd,
For 3 + decades
The county and state have spent decades of tax payer dollars to keep the rd up at a minimum All the way to the river , now they continue to give attention to maintain the rd which we use on some daily basis through the week, and enjoy the route. 
The Audubon has stated that they own the rd and the land and the county has no right to it but the Audubon area calls in when they need it scraped by motorgrader after logging trucks destroy it and when they're having events coming up.
The private non profit business receive constant county, state and federal grants and financial assistance but refuse to allow a safe and passable infinite easement to maintain, as the pine trees planted  by the previous sanctuary operators grow closely along and into the rd  it has taken safe footage from the rd almost as to take more public ability to safely travel the scenic rd.
When we contact the county about cutting back trees and making the rd more passable they only reply with the county doesn't have ownership or an easement,  the county states the Audubon refuses to allow an easement to be given,
Recently we have received confirmation by the Audubon operator Brandon hietkamp that the rd does belong to the county.
This being known and added to fact that for up to centuries the public have accessed and without break traveled the rds without impediment
The county should  for themselves, the residents of aiken County, locals and taxpayers aquire and take action to deed and invoice by real estate law and permanent action which shows for all that Aiken County would have ownership of a 30+ft permanent and managed ingress/egress,right of way.

We can NOT get this done without your help and Interest to persevere these rds for not only Audubon which will always have the resources through the county but the publics right to always and permanently have a wide and safe scenic rd that has been apart of our life for centuries and for those to come.
Please please please sign this petition and voice a comment, help your community and keep our government working for us as well.
We must do this and succeed.
It depends on your idea of we can't have it all taken from us.
Thank you....

190 have signed. Let’s get to 200!