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There is overwhelming evidence that the level of cruelty against all animals is increasing rapidly throughout the United Kingdom. This Government is not a protector of the natural environment nor in maintaining the standards of our already weak and outdated animal welfare laws. Within our changing multicultural population, the voice of the indigenous people is becoming inaudible due to liberalisation and the current trend of political correctness. New ideology and alien traditions are being brought into our Country by Government in the hope of bringing together different cultural identities through the introduction of their own individual belief systems and traditions. The majority of those entering the U.K. are from destinations that have an indefensible tolerance towards animal cruelty, which is at odds to the decent members within our own society. As our laws in general are eroded to accommodate the new arrivals, it is an obvious fact that the British public is becoming indifferent towards animal suffering. As a nation, we are now more insular and detached from our natural environment than ever before, living an urban lifestyle of self containment and narrow focus. In 2017, animal welfare is not a concern shared by many and with little deterrent for those who abuse animals, our society continues to except this barbarity as a normal daily occurrence. The spiralling decline of our moral duty and obligation towards the protection of animals living within the U.K. should concern us all because the natural progression for the animal abuser will frequently progress to the bullying and abuse of other people. As the sickening violence meted out to defenceless creatures grows in its extreme nature, there is bizarrely little enthusiasm to stop these crimes by our police, who simply regard these issues as a very low priority. While our Government ignores the facts of animal abuse and does nothing to end these brutal crimes, this vile evil trend increases. We now have the opportunity to redress the wrongs of our antiquated animal welfare laws because Brexit allows us to change them, so there is no excuse for inaction and surely it is time to reclaim our compassionate identity of being British.  

To end the causal nature of animal cruelty and abuse it is my belief that stronger laws have to be introduced immediately and mandatory sentencing with determined tariffs must be put in place to demand of the courts the appropriate punishment. Only by changing our mindset as a nation will this stain on our traditional values alter, after all compassion is a strength and not a weakness.

From slaughterhouses, factory farms to the home, animals are being abused daily, yet there is no determination by Government to end this sickening trait within our society. This Government has actively squashed potential improvements in animal welfare laws and has even seen no reason to make this issue part of the national curriculum. Through big business, the farming industry and individual land owners, our Government is dissuaded by lobbyists to defer any change in the law to strengthen and enforce animal welfare protection; it is a disgrace that needs to be exposed. 

Stronger deterrents are required now for the safety and welfare of all animals living within the U.K. Only with mandatory sentencing will this country be able to lift its head from its lamentable efforts to end such appalling suffering. I have a simply clear belief that these crimes have to be acknowledged for what they are and not be allowed to go noticed. The Police and animal welfare law enforcement must re-evaluate their positions towards these crimes and act to demonstrate the serious nature of these offences.

Sentencing: ALL animal cruelty cases that are successfully identified in our courts must offer mandatory tariffs. Those convicted must have their names and addresses listed within a central directory of animal abusers; they must also be prevented from ever owning an animal again. 

All those found guilty of crimes against animals must be punished with the most minor criminals being sentenced to a FIVE year unpaid community service order. Businesses, farmers and managers who are caught abusing animals must be fined substantially and in the most serious cases have their businesses closed. These people must also be sentenced to a prison term from a minimum of THREE years to TWENTY years full term.  

Money collected from the courts should be ploughed into further animal protection measures that will hopefully ensure a continued willingness by Government to take this matter seriously.

I have so far been unsuccessful in bringing any Government animal welfare petition to Parliament and it saddens me to except that few people go out of their way to make a difference and stand up for higher animal welfare standards, yet they will support in their millions a petition to stop President Trump from having a state visit. Our priorities have to change and all of us should reflect on the medieval attitude we show towards animals; they are not here to be treated with such hatred and evil cruelty.   

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