Proper disposal and recycling of Pirana garbage dumping site in Ahmedabad, Guj required

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Pirana garbage dumping site has been Ahmedabad’s garbage dumping spot and has today become an unmanageable mess where frequent fires and unsegregated waste are regular occurrence.
The city’s oldest, most unsafe and unstable landfill has toxic fumes from the landfill’s burning sites filled Ahmedabad’s air with pollution.
Every day, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) collects approximately 4,700 metric tonnes of solid waste to dispose of at the landfill. The landfill is characterised by three 75-feet-high massive mounds of garbage, each weighing 69 lakh metric tonnes. (Approx. figures - Continuously increasing)
The garbage shaped mountains make the occurrence of fires more frequent and difficult to put out. Due to lack of space in the landfill, the garbage is not spread out evenly and is dumped near the existing garbage mountains. The fumes emerging out of the fire are severely toxic in nature. Methane and carbon dioxide are the main gases in these toxic fumes. Daily visitors at Pirana, as well as the residents who have made the landfill site their home for several years are the worst sufferers as toxic fumes as lung and cardiac disease are common among Pirana residents.
Residents near Pirana dumping site frequently complain of lung diseases, cardiac problems but there has been no initiative on behalf of the state government for Proper disposal and recycling for Pirana garbage.

Prompt Action required for Proper disposal and recycling for Pirana garbage dumping site in Ahmedabad City, Gujarat India as soon as possible.