Burn the Stage: The Movie in Ahmedabad on November 15

Burn the Stage: The Movie in Ahmedabad on November 15

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As you all know by now, Burn the stage : The movie is ready for its release worldwide on November 15 and luckily India is also getting some screening centres. Initially, the movie was to be realeased in main centres such as Mumbai , Delhi and Bangalore. Now that more BTS fans who are willing to spend their money and time on the movie have come forward with petitions to screen it at other centres as well. It is happening.

The BTS fanbase in Gujarat is also pretty big and it will be a big loss if the movie doesnt get screened at least in one center in Gujarat. Ahmedabad being the major city in the state we are requesting the movie distributors to help the Gujarat Fanbase to watch the movie on November 15th. 


A note to the movie distributors:

BTS is a global phenomenon by now and this movie release is happening worldwide. Considering the fact that screening is happening all across India and there are a huge amount fans willing to come watch the movie, Gujarat should also get a centre for screening Burn The Stage : The movie on Novemeber 15, more preferably Ahmedabad as the centre.


If you think Gujarat Armys deserve to watch this movie just like any other armys kindly sign this petition for us. 

Thank you

A.R.M.Y s