Agudah Payments Matter

Agudah Payments Matter

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Why this petition matters

Started by Yaakov Kopelton

Summer 2021, the aftermath of Covid 19,  the beginnings of an exciting new Agudah camp, Camp Agudah West. The staff has arrived enthused, campers pull in just a day later...

As advertised, this camp was going to be something special. This camp was set for a successful summer with an unparalleled staffing body and an Agudah funding backing its vast itinerary. 

The summer of a lifetime has ended with campers boarding their buses with warm hearts, each clenching a yearbook filled with an exhaustive night's work of collecting staff and campers' numbers and autographs. 

But it is now a full year later and the Agudah has not paid its employees for a summer, that regardless of this all of this, has made its mark on the California camping landscape. 

The website has been taken down, reimbursements haven't been filled, calls are not being returned, and its office is defunct. Agudah of California states it's taken a loan to pay back the staff, however, it has been months since we have been promised payment. They have not provided any proof of any such loan being made. 

This is a shame to the California community the Jewish community as a whole and to the broader Agudah community. 

Conveniently, some head staff have been paid, though their scripted statements state that they are broke and the camp even owes them money...

The only way for us staff, contractors, and suppliers, to be paid our fair wage, is to stand up and make a noise just loud enough for the Agudah of America to take notice of the wrongdoings and frustration a camp under their care has caused.

We want the Agudah of America to be aware that we are a devoted team of staff that has patiently waited for their intervention, and are also just as committed to our families, ourselves, and to our communities.

We wish to be properly and fairly paid, as would a committed organization, such as the Agudah of America, do with its Leaders, Overseers, and community; to be fair, withstanding, and a model for its branches nationwide - 




36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!