Ban Glyphosate in British Columbia

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Ban Glyphosate in British Columbia

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Tony Mitra started this petition to Lana Popham (Minister of Agriculture, BC) and

Glyphosate - a popular herbicide - is being questioned internationally due to safety and health concerns, yet it is still widely used in Canada.

Scientist Stephanie Seneff of MIT says: "I believe glyphosate will go down in history as the most damaging toxic chemical ever used in agriculture. Its insidious cumulative toxicity has allowed it to stay on the market for four decades, wreaking havoc on nearly all lifeforms on earth."

Meanwhile, the province of British Columbia, Canada, now has a new government, a coalition between the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Green Party. This is a first in Canada where the environmentally conscious Green Party holds the balance of power.

The new agriculture minister, Ms Lana Popham, of NDP, had been a promoter of clean organic food and supporter of pushing back at GMO and herbicides in agriculture. I have met and somewhat known her from the time when she was an MLA in the opposition bench under the liberal government for two terms.

We need our new agriculture minister to step up and ban the use of harmful glyphosate in BC agriculture. Let’s lead by example for the rest of Canada.

This petition is not aimed solely at residents of British Columbia. Since this beautiful western province is a major tourist destination for people within Canada as well as from the United States and the wider world, we are asking everybody everywhere, to chip in, sign the petition, and also write individually to the agriculture minister ( that you wish to have clean, glyphosate-free food when you next visit this beautiful land.

With Lana Popham as agriculture minister, we now have the chance to make this happen. If you want to see a glyphosate-free BC, please sign and share this petition.


A few things to know about glyphosate:
World Health Organization says It is probably carcinogenic.
How safe? Nobody knows. Government is hiding the data.
How much of it is in our food? Too much, read the book.
Whats the news? California calls it cancer causing.
And France votes NO to renewal of license for glyphosate.


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This petition had 17,650 supporters

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