Prosecute Kevin Kookaburras Murderer!

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The Western Australian Police and RSPCA need to prosecute this vile person for this senseless act!  How disgusting that he is supposedly "protected" under a loop in the Act, what about our native wildlife and innocence of our kids being "protected"?  And now this coward has left the country to avoid the media and backlash from his stupidity.  Come back and face your crimes!  He should be arrested on sight at the airport when he returns to Perth.

The WA State Government have said in a media statement, “Kookaburras are considered native fauna under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 as they are native to Australia.  The penalty for taking native fauna without a licence or other authority may be an infringement of $2500 or a fine of up to $50,000 if the matter is taken to court.”

This person has been named in the media, however the organisers of this petition will not be naming him in text, only links to news stories as this case progresses.  Please keep sharing and encouraging your friends to sign and share.

15/11/19 - Update

He's been fined $2500, with other authorities still investigating the incident.

On Friday the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions confirmed it had concluded its investigation into the incident.

“Thanks to the assistance of WA Police Force, and staff and patrons at the Parkerville Tavern, an individual has been issued with a $2500 infringement for ‘the unlawful take of fauna’,” a spokesperson said.

02/11/19 - Update

Hundreds sign petition to prosecute alleged kookaburra killer for animal cruelty.  (Ed. That's you guys!)

The man accused of ripping the head off a kookaburra and throwing away its lifeless body has fled the country after threats from vigilantes, his lawyer claims.

This story has also made the NZ Herald.

31/10/19 - RSPCAWA Media Statement

26/10/19 - The West Australian Newspaper

A man who reportedly ripped the head off a cheeky kookaburra in front of young children at the Parkerville Tavern is set to avoid scrutiny from the RSPCA because the bird did not suffer.

Witnesses have recounted how the man, thought to be in his 40s, allegedly grabbed the bird and swiftly wrenched its head off and threw away the body after it landed on his plate on Friday night.

Kevin the kookaburra was a familiar visitor to the outdoor area of the tavern over a number of years and his love for stealing steak sandwiches and fish from the plates of patrons was well known.

Witness Chantelle, who asked that her surname not be published, said the alleged attack on Kevin had traumatised her two children aged eight and 10.

She was at the tavern to celebrate her wedding anniversary with a pub meal when the horrifying incident unfolded.

“Kevin had flown down onto this bloke’s plate and the bloke grabbed him and I went ‘Oh my god, he’s got him and then he sort of just hesitated for a moment, like seconds, and then put his hands quickly under the table and just ripped his head off,” she said.

“The bird squawked when he grabbed it, obviously, but the sound of that ... it was just horrible and I was just instantly on my feet. It all erupted then, people were very, very angry and yelling abuse at him.”

“The thing that got me is he just threw the bird on the floor, he just ditched it on the floor.”

Chantelle said she reported the incident to the RSPCA WA and the Department of Biodiversity and Community Attractions.

Amanda Swift, RSPCA WA Chief Inspector, confirmed the incident was reported to the organisation’s Cruelty Hotline on Friday night and inquiries had been made.

“Sadly, right now under Western Australian law, it does not appear that this horrific act constitutes an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2002,” she said.

“While RSPCA WA Inspectors can only take action under the Animal Welfare Act where an animal has suffered, the incident with Kevin the Kookaburra may have contravened laws designed specifically to protect native wildlife.”

RSPCA WA Chair Lynne Bradshaw said Animal Welfare law in WA was based on cruelty and suffering, and due to the quick nature of Kevin’s demise, it did not appear to meet the level of suffering required to become an offence under the law.

“Because of that, RSPCA WA Inspectors may not be able to prosecute for animal cruelty,” Ms Bradshaw said.

“If you are outraged by this horrific incident, please take the time to make a submission to the review (into the Animal Welfare Act 2002) currently underway to demand animal welfare laws that protect animals from senseless violence, such as this.”

A police spokesperson said the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions was aware of the incident and was conducting a joint investigation with the WA Police Force.

“If the allegations are true, this is a despicable act,” the spokesperson said.

Update 28/10/19 - The Advocate

A MAN who tore the head off a kookaburra at a Perth pub in front of horrified children may still face prosecution.

The man, believed to be aged in his 40s, was at the Parkerville Tavern when he allegedly grabbed the kookaburra – known as Kevin – and pulled the bird’s head off then threw it under the table.

Kevin was known for cheekily stealing food from pub patrons.

An RSPCA spokeswoman told AAP the organisation had not given up possibly pursuing the man but said the Act was unclear.