Justice For Samiksha

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  1. Hello friends, my cousin Samiksha Gupta, Married her boy friend, her dream boy Amit Agarwal one year ago. After fewfdays of her marriage, she was tortured by her In-laws for dowery. even by her husband also.
  2. On the morning of 5th of June 2018, her husband called us informing that Samiksha had committed sucide. The family members of Amit had already run before we reach on the spot leaving the matter suspicious. 
  3. Samiksha was a brave girl, she can not commit sucide, she seems to be murdered by her in-laws. They are influenced people having a good political background. They are still 
  4. Please help us in starting this campaign so that this can reach to Agra Police and they can work honestly with their duty and can not be influenced by any political goon.