Rethink the Clothes on Your Back, Pledge to Stop Fast Fashion

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Did you know that the clothing industry has become the 2nd largest polluter in the world, just behind the oil industry? Did you know that 3rd world country garment factory workers are exploited with wages that start at just $30 a month under hazardous sweatshop conditions?  Did you realize that it’s the new norm that you can buy a t-shirt for $5?

Rethink the clothes on your back: what is the true cost? Companies like Forever 21, Zara, Uniqlo, and H&M are just a few fashion retailers that utilize a business practice called fast fashion––trendy styles that quickly moving from the catwalk to stores. In turn, this leads to worker exploitation, underpaid employees, textile waste, and environmental pollution.

To spread awareness of this problem, two high school juniors from Amador Valley High School started an organization called #AgainstFastFashion in order to advocate the negative consequences of fast fashion and promote the purchasing of ethical and secondhand clothing.  

We ask you to sign this petition and pledge to stop fast fashion. Action starts with each one of us and together, we can choose quality over quantity. We pledge the following actions:

  • Stop buying from fast fashion companies such as Forever 21, Zara, Uniqlo, Cotton On and H&M until they change their ways to work only with ethical manufacturers 
  • We will buy clothes from ethical clothing companies such as Patagonia, Anthropology, Free People, American Apparel and LL Bean
  • We will buy less, waste less, and purchase more high-quality clothing that will last longer, leading to a reduction  our clothing expenditures
  • We will buy from secondhand stores to reduce waste and reuse clothing
  • We will donate clothes to be reused and recycled

Through this pledge, I acknowledge that the small changes we make today can stop fast fashion, leading us to a more ethical fashion industry and cleaner environment for generations to come.