Tell Walden Park HOA Board of Directors to STOP POAA Submission

Tell Walden Park HOA Board of Directors to STOP POAA Submission

November 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Veronica Mount

The Walden Park HOA Board of Directors unanimously made the decision for The Walden Park Homeowners Association to convert from a Homeowners Association (HOA) to a Property Owners’ Association Act, O.C.G.A. § 44-3-220 (POAA).

On November 3rd and 5th, 2022, Attorney George Nowack hosted two virtual community informational sessions to educate Homeowners on the POAA.  The Walden Park By-laws and Covenants Committee participated in these attorney-led informational sessions to assess the benefits of the POAA for our community and fully endorses the Board's decision. 

What was not discussed in detail are the many dangers of the POAA for WP homeowners and our community.

1.         The Board can place liens on your home without going to court.

2.         The association can foreclose on your home if you are at least $2,000 past due on your assessment.

3.         The home is auctioned off on the courthouse steps, just because you are past due on assessments.

4.         An investor buys the home.

5.         The association is paid the delinquent assessments from the sale of the home.

6.         The foreclosure terminates the Homeowner’s home ownership.

7.         The ex-homeowner could be rendered homeless.

8.         The home sale could leave the community vulnerable to investors.

9.         Corporate ownership of homes will create forever renters and fewer homeowners.

10.       Potentially there are other scenarios, however, the goal is to get rid of the delinquent homeowner.

The losers are the ex-homeowners, and the Walden Park residents.

Many families are still recovering from the pandemic.  Walden Park have senior citizens on fix incomes with medical conditions.  Do we really want to treat our neighbors this way during their time of need?

Do we really want to our community to become an investment community?

We are fortunate to review the experiences of The Bluffs at Anneewakee Trails that converted from a HOA to a PPOA.  A resident of The Bluffs at Anneewakee Trails posted on Next Door, that homeowners are moving out because they are tired of being harassed by the POAA and renters are moving in.

Other informational websites for your review:

My name is Veronica Mount, a resident of Walden Park.  I attended the first POAA informational session on November 3, 2022.  A homeowner asked the Board to present past due delinquent assessment data, such as; number of delinquent homes, length of delinquency, amount of money, cost to the community.  They stated that they did not have that data readily available for us to understand the total impact.  

Please join me in signing the petition to tell The Walden Park Board of Directors they must NOT submit Walden Park to a PPOA.


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Signatures: 226Next Goal: 500
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