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Down the road from The Good Hatchery a site which was formerly intended as a recycling centre has put in a planning application to develop a large scale municipal waste facility on the land. This development would have a huge negative impact on The Good Hatchery and the surrounding area.

The development is planned for Barnan, Rhode, Co. Offaly. The reprecussions for the local community here are devastating, water pollution from runoff, the smell,the increase in traffic,100 trucks a day which are allowed to carry 40tonnes. 50,000 tonnes of rubbish a year is the starting amount they have applied for per annum.

This is a unique landscape that plays an important role in Irish history and mythology as the site of the finding of the Croghan Man and other bog treasures. The area continues to inspire the many artist who continually visit The Good Hatchery.

This development would be to the detriment of all future development to The Good Hatchery and its contribution to the culture of contemporary visual arts in Ireland. It would also see the demise of a fascinating landscape that holds so much of our past in its grasp.

On signing this petition a copy will be sent to Mr. David Hogan of Offaly Co. Co. Environment Dept. and a copy to The Good Hatchery to use in support of the campaign in the coming weeks.

We would really appreciate your support!

many thanks,

The Good Hatchery

Letter to
Environment Dept. Offaly Co.Co.  David Hogan
I, as a supporter and contributor to the arts, am strongly against solid municipal waste being processed in Barnan, Rhode,Co. Offaly. It is extremely close to The Good Hatchery Art studios and it will certainly have an impact on this centre, as it will on the surrounding environment. I am apposed to the huge increase in truck traffic, noise levels, odour levels and equally the environmental impact that the increased pollution would have on the water table, surface water, air and the unique landscape of the Raheenmore bog.

I would urge you to reconsider the location of this facility and move towards the protection of this sensitive and inspiring environment which is home to an emerging art centre that currently attracts up to 150 visiting national and international artists each year.

Yours Sincerely,