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Stop Poachers Killing Elephants for their Tusks

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I am Owen Underwood, a Naturalist who wants to stop Elephant killings. Central Africa has lost 64% of its Elephants in a decade. Ivory Seeking poachers have killed around 100,000 African Elephants in just three years, according to new study that provides first reliable continent wide estimates of illegal kills. During 2011 alone, roughly one of every twelve African Elephants was killed by a poacher. The demand for Ivory, most notably in China and elsewhere in Asia and the confusion caused by a one time sale of confiscated Ivory have helped keep black market prices high in Africa. Three quarters of Elephant populations are still declining. Researchers and conservationists how to analysis will prompt policy making it to further action to stem years long onslaught poaching and to help the survival of elephants in Africa. Although conservationists have agreed for years that there's an ongoing poaching crisis with huge implications for the future of Elephants in Africa that are being slaughtered by poachers. In recent years poachers have perpetrated mass killings, such as 2012 slaughter of humdreds of Elephants with automatic weapons in Bouba Ndijidah National Park in Cameroon. Poachers now also use arrows to kill iconic individual Elephants. In February a poison tipped arrow killed Torn Ear a well known Kenyan Elephant. Three months later another beloved Elephant named Satao also from Kenya was killed by a poacher with a poison arrow who cut off his face and to remove the Tusks. These criminal acts have prompted some official actions especially the US ban on the commercial trade in Ivory, but the killings still continue at an unsustainable level, with new births unable to keep pace with the killings. In 2015 according to the Wildlife Conservation Society around 35,000 Elephants are being killed each year due to poaching. From 2013-2014 with the exception of 2005, cities reports have shown that estimated levels of illegal elephant killings in Central Africa have been occurring at unsustainable levels relative to natural population growth. This means that elephants in this region are dying faster than they are able to reproduce. The same report indicates West Africa is also thought to be suffering from unsustainable levels of elephant poaching from 2007-2009 & 2011-2014. As a mitigating localized population losses a number of programs have arisen to protect elephants, reduce human-elelphant conflict where elephants regularly cone into contact with farms and stop poaching. For decades there have also been elephant relocation programs also known as translocation projects, which move elephants from areas of high-population or overpopulation to habitats that can sustain and benefit from their reintroduction. African bush elephant populations where estimated by the Great Elephant Census which concluded in August 2016, at roughly 350,000 and in a separate census of African forest elephants an estimated 18,000-36,500 individuals in selected parks.

With this Petition I want people to spread the word and show dedication and support to end the onslaughts of Elephant killing because Elephants are worth living, not to die because of poachers.

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