Reunification of people of African descent and formation of United States of Africa.

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We are seeking support from all people of African descent throughout the world to endorse this petition for formation of one government for Africa.

We are petitioning  African Union, African and Caribbean governments to endorse Our campaign for reunification of all people of African descent throughout the world and support our vision for the formation of United States of Africa Republic.

We are advocating for the following in Africa:

1.One passport

2.Free trade among African and Caribbean nations.

3. Kiswahili as the official language of United States of Africa

4.United States Of Africa Defence Forces

Africans have a vibrant skilled population of young people who are readily available to tackle any security threats or challenges yet we are relying on Africom forces that exploit our nations and cause more instability so that they can benefit from resources of Africa.

Deployment of foreign forces who have no idea how Africans live has contributed to increased conflicts in Africa and such forces rape our women at will but face no action because they are shielded by diplomatic immunity previliges.

The recent increase of foreign forces establishing military bases in Somalia, Eritrea and other nations is a direct threat and silent invasion of Africa.

No African or Caribbean nation has a military base in Europe or United States of America.

Having been once enslaved and colonized by the same world powers there is need for African nations to protect the sovereignty of Africa.

United States of Africa defense forces will end war in troubled nations and fearlessly combat terrorism in Africa.

The divided approach of handling conflicts and problems we have been facing as a nation has led most African nations into debt traps and more serious problems than those that earlier existed.

Through one United federal government it will be cheaper to market Africa as a single travel destination.

When we pull all our resources together in all 56 nations in Africa, its possible to connect Africa with standard gauge railway in only five years.

5. New Education system

Africa needs an education system tailormade to preserve our indigenous  languages, cultures and traditions.

We need an education system that reflects who we truly are.

An education system that will power ambitions and drive Africans to make best use of their talents and unlock their full potential.

Current colonial education system was created to further mentally enslave people of African descent by brainwashing them to believe that they are lesser persons without any worth.

Falsified African history taught in schools was meant to disconnect an African from his or her triumphant past and history.

6. Free Education

Education is a powerful weapon to empower the masses.

Many African nations have no clear education policy that ensures that those who cannot afford the price of education get an opportunity to acquire quality education.

Instead they give out students HELB loans that sink young people into debt crisis while they are still students.

After four years of study they start tarmacking looking for jobs that nowadays have become scanty.

The moment they get their first job instead of making huge investments into building their future they start paying debts.

By the time they finish paying debts for being educated,its too late for them to be rich and so they live miserable lives.

Education should be free to the poor and paid for the rich since they have enough money to pay for knowledge.

While the poor have no money to pay for education, they have knowledge that money can't buy.

Let us provide scholarships instead of lending the poor money with the hope that when they acquire education they will become rich and clear debts.

African nations have countless resources that they waste through mega scams and corruption deals.

These resources can be better utilized if we make education free for the poor.

Through this it will become a reality bridging the gap between the haves and have nots.

7.Universal Healthcare Plan for all people of African descent.

Many Africans died because there is no healthcare system that guarantees and protects the right to life.

Right to life cannot be safeguarded where there is no proper plan to prevent diseases or deaths that could be avoided.

Africa needs one health care plan that covers all people of African descent throughout the world.



I'm a Pan Africanist aged 31 years from Kenya.

I founded Global Pan Africanism Network (GPAN) with an aim of making United States Of Africa dream a living reality.

Global Pan Africanism Network is a  revolutionary social Pan Africanism movement to reunite all people of black descent,advocate for their rights and freedoms throughout the world.


Vision Statement
United States Of Africa

Mission Statement
We seek to Reunite all people of African descent and advocate for their rights and freedom throughout the world.

Core Values
Team work


1. To reunite all indigenous inhabitants of Africa with their ancestral motherland,advocate for their rights and freedoms.
2.To combat tribalism in Africa and fight racism throughout the world.
3. To promote African culture and create a unique identity that all people of African descent will be proud of.
4. To promote education and true knowledge of African history.
5. To promote Swahili language and four other most widely spoken indigenous language throughout Africa.
6. To promote Tourism in Africa by marketing Africa as a single destination.
7. To engineer technology, culture, economic and political revolution.
8. To promote Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness.
9. To empower young people, women and children through their talents.
10. To promote equality and equal opportunities for all.
11. To encourage Trade among among GPAN member states and spearhead financial revolution.
12. To have a Global Health care plan for GPAN member states.
13. Advocate for environmental conversations through promotion of green energy and encourage planting of indigenous trees.
14. To advocate for land equality in Africa and equitable distribution of land.

Through implementation of the above objectives we are seeking to achieve or end the following problems in Africa:


2.Africa Dependency on Foreign Aid




6. Be self reliant

7.Promote sound leadership

8. Protect and utilize African resources to full potential.

9. End exploitation and oppression of people of African descent throughout the world.

10. Defeat racism and promote racial integration

11.Conserve indigenous languages of Africa,promote African culture and values in our society.

12. Peace and stability in Africa


I have always dreamed of one one day uniting Africa into one nation and one government.

This is a dream that I have had since when I was a kid.

This cause is founded inspired by  col Gaddafi, legendary black leaders Malcolm X ,Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and  Marcus Garvey who had a vision to  bring together all people of black descent throughout the world and establish one government (United States Of Africa).

People of black descent have went through massive oppression, slavery,colonialism,torture and rape throughout the history but now is the time for us to unite as one people because we have one common ancestry.

Whether we are in the Caribbean, South Pacific, United States Of America,Brazil,Puerto Rico,Japan,Africa,North and South America, our story is the same throughout the history and we are descendants of one black woman and man.
Its time for us to become a nation and be recognized as one of the nations on earth.

I'm seeking support from African Union, African governments and Caribbean nations to enable me carry out this project and fulfill the books of prophecies by bring together all lost descendants of Africa from the four corners of the earth.

Please sign this petition to support unity of Africa.

I need a million signatures to support United States of Africa vision.

With a million signatures it will possible for lobby African Union and our leaders to call a referendum for unification of Africa.

Sign this petition and share widely if you want Africa to become a nation.

We are Africa

"We Are One."

United States Of Africa Republic