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Petitioning United States Congress and 2 others

African Immigrants to US Congress: No Cuts to Health/Social Programs + Extend the Middle Class Tax Cuts

Africans Get Fiscal (An Initiative on the impact of FISCAL CLIFF in the African Immigrant Community.)


On December 31, 2012, if Congress and President Obama fail to come to an agreement on measures to avoid the FISCAL Cliff, extreme cuts will be made and alter funding for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis, social services, education and a host of other programs that directly affect the African community. These cuts will change the way the Cameroon American Council serves the community and impact our grassroots efforts. In addition, there will be a yearly tax increase of $2,200 on middle class families which will change the way you spend money in the U.S and support your family back home in Africa (go to for more information). If FISCAL Cliff occurs, the very scope on how health issues are addressed, how government programs are dispersed, and how we spend our hard earned money will significantly change.

The FISCAL Cliff will:

● Reduce funding for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis prevention and treatment
● Increase taxes on families by $2,200 a year
● Cut a select group of programs critical to providing services to children and families such as Medicaid and Welfare services
● Create job loss and possibly cause another recession
● Cut government benefits for veterans, Medicare, and federal programs
● Reduce government resources and threaten the ability of nonprofits like the Cameroon American Council and other African serving organizations to serve their communities

This is a critical and crucial time for our community and time is running out. With your voice and your help let’s make our concerns known. Please join us by signing the petition as we ask Congress to consider the long term effects the FISCAL Cliff will have on the African community ( to take further action).

On Tuesday, December 4, 2012 please follow up with your local congressional office and tell them:
1. You are against cuts that will negatively impact funding for health care, child care, increased state/local taxes and government benefits.
2. Raising taxes by $2,200 on middle class families will create financial strain and greatly affect the way you take care of your family.
3. The efforts of nonprofits such as the Cameroon American Council are vital for our community and help to bring a voice to a group that is so often overlooked.

We did it with the election, let’s do again
with the FISCAL cliff...make your voice count!

Letter to
United States Congress
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
On December 1, 2012, the world celebrated and acknowledged the fight against HIV/AIDS globally. Here in America, the Cameroon American Council (CAC) continued in that spirit and joined forces with thousands of people around the country to take a Day of Action, continuing the education and providing resources needed to protect against HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.
We are only able to continue this work through our National African Immigrant and Refugee Health Advocate Program, which partners with federal and local health departments such as HH/CMS and Prince George’s County Government, to provide health outreach that addresses the needs of African immigrants in the United States. Our health outreach efforts described by the Washington Post as ‘The First Program of Its Kind’ will be severally affected by the FISCAL Cliff if Congress does not make a decision to halt cuts to Health and Social programs by December 31, 2012.

In 2007, HIV/AIDS was the ninth leading cause of death for all blacks and the third leading cause of death for black women and black men aged 35–44. In Montgomery County-Maryland, populated at 629,340 and with high concentration of African immigrants; 4.2% of all HIV/AIDS cases were African-born. These numbers are comparable to current nationwide findings and are projected to grow if the FISCAL Cliff occurs. (

In addition to our opposition to cutting health and social programs , the $2,200 yearly tax increase to middle class families as a result of the FISCAL Cliff will place a heavy burden on our community still reeling from the past recession.

The Facts Are:
1. The FISCAL Cliff will cut social and health programs that directly address HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis (e.g. free health clinics and testing) treatment and preventative programs

2. Our African families CAN NOT afford to lose $2,200 a year. The tax increase will prevent families from properly supporting their families here in the states and no longer allow them to send resources back home to their native countries.

We ask you to support the African Immigrant community by:
• NOT allowing HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis health treatment and prevention programs suffer in the United States that provide tremendous help to the African immigrant community.
• Urging your congressional colleagues to vote against raising taxes - the loss of $2,200 per middle class family will cause unnecessary financial strain.

Africans in America are the most educated American per US census and we contribute significantly in the President’s vision of having America out-perform and out innovate the rest of the world. As such, we ask you Members of Congress to take a stance before December 31, 2012 and consider the long-term effects the FISCAL Cliff will have on the African immigrant community and in the country.

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