A full and transparent investigation of Scott Morrison

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Sexual abuse of children is abhorrent to Australians, however increasingly it appears that public officials are not as concerned;

Tony Abbott supports convicted paedophile George Pell

John Howard supports convicted paedophile George Pell

George Brandis "secretly" met with George Pell in 2015

George Brandis argued against laws banning child sex tourism in 2017

Former Governor General and protector of paedophile priests Peter Hollingworth still receiving $300,000+ pension courtesy of Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison's friend Brian Houston under police investigation over handling of father's sex crimes

Scott Morrison refuses to say if he wanted Hillsong's Brian Houston invited to White House

In Oct 2018, Morrison delivered his "national apology" to survivors of child sexual abuse by religious institutions, allegedly mortified, however given the evidence, Morrison needs to answer some serious questions in the interest of the people and families of Australia.

Australian Federal Police need to launch an investigation into Prime Minister Scott Morrison in regard to;

Morrison’s relationship with leader of Hillsong Church Brian Houston, an Australian presently under investigation by New South Wales Police for allegedly covering up child sexual abuse by his paedophile (Houston) father.

Allegations of Morrison seeking an invitation for Houston to accompany him (Morrison) as his guest and on behalf of Australian Government to an official US White House function in September 2019.

The extent of interaction by Morrison’s young daughters with Houston and Hillsong Church.

Morrison’s motivations for allowing self-admitted protector of paedophile priests, former Governor General Peter Hollingworth to receive a pension in excess of $300,000 per annum.