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Started by Tessa Podbury

We ask the league to follow suit from the NRL and implement a "No Fault Stand Down" rule. This entails the following:

- Any player charged with an offence constituting a maximum sentence of 11 year or longer will automatically be stood down from playing for their club

- Players will still be able to train as usual and are entitled to full pay during proceedings

For too long high profile AFL football players have been allowed to continue to participate in games when they are facing serious sexual assault charges. Women are 40% of the AFL fan base and yet, the league and the associated clubs continue to protect their assets at the expense of women's safety. 

Previously, Jordan De Goey was continuously praised for his season best form just days after his court date was set for sexual assault. He was glorified and admired by insensitive commentators. Collingwood FC celebrated his return with 4 Instagram posts and full fanfare. Comments ridiculing the assault and the woman involved went unanswered. 

Allowing players charged with sexual crimes to continue playing not only models a lack of consequence for sexual abuse but it also presents the accused as heroes returning to the field. What image is being depicted to young fans about women? About consent? About accountability? No player should be placed in a position of influence and admiration until these serious allegations have been dealt with. 

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26,993 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!