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Affordable Postpartum Support Services

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Moms Village is a charity created to help struggling postpartum mothers and their children. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) approved charity, with affordable membership fees and sponsorship for low-income families. After months of planning, research, getting community input, submitting forms, spreading the word, recruiting staff, and finding a location, Moms Village is finally ready for startup funding to open our doors. It's a place for parent mental and physical help, child well-being, nutrition and fitness services, and to encourage women-owned businesses. This much needed facility will fill the service gap between Planned Parenthood and YMCA in order to prevent postpartum depression.

Co-Founder's Story: As a successful engineer with a demanding career, and having struggled with infertility, I thought my troubles were over when my husband and I finally did IVF. After an easy pregnancy, I was finally home and ready to start my happy life with my new perfect son. Quickly it started to unravel as the sleepless nights and exhausting days with a colicky infant drove me deeper into depression. I needed help. But we couldn't afford a nanny, and with limited family support, I was stuck. I ended up losing my job, and my sanity - but worst of all was the guilt for my son. I wanted to give him the best care possible, but I couldn't even care for myself. Eventually my son was old enough, so I took him to YMCA and slept in the parking lot. I woke up thinking - why isn't there a place where I can get a comfortable nap or a shower or a meal or a workout BEFORE he's a year old? I knew the answer was right there - I needed to make this place, to help the next sleep-deprived, depressed, malnourished mom trying to care for her newborn. And so I've been diligently working on this project ever since.

Help us succeed by signing this petition to request startup funding from the Administration of Children & Families, Office of Head Start, and National Institutes of Health, and First Five California.

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