Approve transfer of James Gillespie to a hospital that can help him recover.


Approve transfer of James Gillespie to a hospital that can help him recover.

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Tammy Pescatelli started this petition to Aetna Coventry Medicare and

I need help! (NO DONATION- only signatures & prayers please!)

My father went into the hospital for a gallstone, 78 days ago. UPMC Hamot dropped him and broke his back after surgery. He is now paralyzed with a tracheotomy/feeding tube/colostemy bag/catheter. He has a bed sore the size of a volleyball on his back that is going to need surgical intervention. They just informed us that after 6 weeks of doing all of the above, that they recommended to heal him, there is nothing they can do, because of his acuity! AFTER THEIR EGREGIOUS CARE DID THIS TO HIM!!! 
We can transfer him to UPMC in Pitt but they aren't going to do anything either. Just let him lay there
We need him out of there immediately!!  It is my belief that 98% of their staff is amazing, but 2 % are killers.
I am going to release a story a day of their negligence, and trust me I have them! We have never left Dad alone, someone always stays to advocate, but what good does it do when they give you attitude and drop him right in front of you, after you begged 4 120lbs aides to not lift your post op- 400lb 6'5' father!! It's called GRAVITY. (Especially, if you do not use the proper procedure by inflating the bed or the Hover mat!).
We want to take my father to another hospital- either Select Specialty Hospital  or Cleveland Clinic but my parent's insurance #AetnaCoventryMedicare (#AetnaCoventryHealthcare) will not approve the move saying he is fine at UPMC or can go to a 1 star Nursing home.

WHY won't they approve it when the facility's  we want to go to accept their insurance?When we can go somewhere that a top Neurosurgeon can see him and see if we in fact CAN do something?

Dad hasn't even had an MRI of his spine because he can't fit in the non open air MRI machine at his current hospital!! Even if there was no surgery Select Specialty Hospital (Erie, PA) at least can give him some rehab so we can see if he can gain any use of his legs and maybe prepare him for his new life.

Why? Because one of the ppl who works @AETNA CoventryMedicare told us on the sly, "The insurance doesn't "want to pay another "entry fee" to an acute facility!" 

Please sign this petition that hopefully can get the insurance moving.
I need your help saving my father's life!

Thank you.

(Again, sign & share, say a prayer- but do not DONATE- the donation does not go to us, but to the website)



This petition made change with 3,648 supporters!

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