30 days to save Baby John - Life saving medication for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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Baby John Levi Peiffer was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 Werdnig Hoffman Disease at 6 months. Type 1 children never reach the physical milestone of sitting unsupported, and most do not live past the age of 2 without intervention or treatment.

Thankfully there is a gene therapy, called ZOLGENSMA  - the most expensive drug there is - and it has the power to save John's life. Children with this disease never walk, hold up their head, clear their airways on their own, or have the ability to swallow. This gene therapy would not only save John's life but those that receive it regain some of these abilities and live a normal life! One recent case was Minnesota toddler Maddy Smith - went from not walking to walking within 6 months. She got the drug just one day before her 2nd birthday. JOHN'S BIRTHDAY IS 3/24/18. He has less than a month for us to take action.

John has three older siblings who love him dearly - his sister Hailey is by his side, assisting with diapers, feeding tube, and anything else. Losing John would be the worst thing to ever happen to this family. John's mother is a single mom with 4 kids. John's mom, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family would love nothing more than to give the $2 million necessary for this drug but it's just not possible. AETNA and Amerihealth have declined this request and appeals many times and our time to save John is nearing an end. Please sign the petition and tell AETNA that this life saving drug isn't exclusive to only those that can afford a $2M price tag - it is a life saving, life altering drug. Please help Baby John.