Stop Aer Lingus Covid 19 Unfair Recovery Plan

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Aer Lingus has cut staff wages by 70% which is the highest wage cut ever seen in Ireland in the 21st century. On top of the wage cut Aer Lingus has imposed changes to work practices and terms and conditions, this includes lay-offs as well as a ban on industrial action including strikes to February 2022.

Despite the frequency of cargo flights including those to China for PPE equipment funded by the government, profits recorded in 2019 of 276 million, 305 million in 2018 and reserves of 900 million. IAG, Aer Lingus's parent company also having profits of 3 billion in 2019, none of which were shared amongst the staff. During this pandemic the state is currently paying a large portion of the airlines wage bill under the wage subsidy scheme. 

It has also come to staffs attention that after the deadline had passed that pilots have been  given a further number of weeks to consult their members and to conduct a ballot. FORSA, wanted to ballot although they were told by Aer Lingus management that if they waited even a few days pay cuts would be worse. The time line given to the congress group of unions was arbitrary and artificial therefore pilots benefiting and being treated more fairly. We ask for equal treatment for all Aer Lingus staff, regardless of their grade. 

The company are using the opportunity of Covid 19 to restructure its operations, yet the same staff have exposed themselves and their families to the risk of contracting Covid 19 in the effort to repatriate thousands of citizens. It would appear that the company are willing to impoverish its staff in favour of profits. Aer Lingus's unwillingness to offer the necessary time for members to ballot is nothing short of intimidation.