Open Long Term Care Facilities for Family Visits. Our loved ones need us.

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To All Governors and Legislators both State and US.

Our loved ones in long term care facilities are being denied their rights to family visits as set by the 1987 Residents Bill of Rights law.  Residents need social visits from family and families need to visit and monitor the care of their loved ones. 
The most vulnerable to loneliness and neglect  in nursing homes are the elderly with dementia.  They can not talk through a window, and most are not on the first floor of the nursing home, a parade is meaningless to them, holding signs is useless as some are blind, but they do know and interact with direct family contact.   

We are asking Governors, Legislator and the President to let an essential designated family member in to stop this isolation of our loved ones.  An essential family member can be pretested, wear mask, social distance from staff and residents, and give the much need support  to their loved one.  They can also monitor their loved ones care, which is one of the most important issues. The isolation is worse than the virus, it is killing our loved ones with no family with them.
Long term care employees come and go in three shifts a day seven days a week. They use PPE such as mask and gloves. Their temperature is taken every time they walk in and they are tested for the COVID -19  virus, families can do the same and would be more than willing to take all precautions they need to so they can visit their loved ones.   The virus was not contained in nursing homes because of placing recovering virus hospital patients. 
 Loved ones are dying alone. An elderly man in Dayton, Ohio was placed in a nursing home and his wife of over 50 years and never apart for as long as they are now, is denied her right to be with her husband in his limited time he has left.  Legislators are more focused on opening restaurants, bars and stores than on a limited number of people visiting a loved one In a long term care facility.