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Advocate for real healthcare reform

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Advocate, Act for real healthcare reform, now, please   :)

Call for Medicare for All   :)

Call President Obama

We need you to call the President

and ask him to attend the Sidewalk Summit on Thursday, Feb. 25th at 9 AM at the NE Corner of Lafayette Park.



Dear Single-Payer Supporter:

Since the beginning, the discussion on health reform has been flawed because of the exclusion of a single-payer system in the debate. With universal healthcare off the table, so goes a meaningful discussion on controlling costs and improving access to care.

On the same day President Obama convenes a "make-or-break" bipartisan summit on healthcare reform, patients, nurses, and doctors will meet in the streets of Washington DC and around the country to demand a real solution - improved Medicare-for-All. Join us for a Sidewalk Summit on Thursday, February 25th, at 9am at the NE Corner of Lafayette Park (H St and Vermont) in Washington DC or find one near you.

Since no single-payer supporters have been invited to the White House Summit on health care, we urge you to call the White House and invite President Obama to listen to a real solution to the health crisis at the Sidewalk Summit for Improved Medicare for All.

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 or click here to follow a sample script.

No matter what the Congress and President do, if anything, the time is now to lay the foundation for a real health care reform movement that cannot be ignored.

For people before profit,
Quentin Young, MD, National Coordinator
Physicians for a National Health Program

Katie Robbins, National Organizer

Tim Carpenter, Executive Director
Progressive Democrats of America

Kay Tillow, Director
All Unions for Single-Payer Health Care - HR 676

Cindy Young
California School Employees Assoc.

Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator
Labor for Single-Payer

California Nurses Assoc./National Nurses Organizing Committee

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Healthcare-NOW! - 800-453-1305 - 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012





Who's on Your Side?

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Act Now   :)

Who is fighting for Latinos in health care reform?  The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is asking this question of our nation's leaders after a disappointing development in the discussion about how to fix health care in the United States.

We all want health care reform to move forward, but that reform must be meaningful and inclusive.  Yesterday, the White House released a plan that once again excluded proposals to adequately address high uninsurance rates in the Latino community.  It missed out on a key opportunity to fix serious flaws in Senate health care reform legislation, bypassing a number of pending legislative priorities that are critical to Latinos' well-being.  Overlooking these issues means that legal immigrants will not be treated equitably in health care reform, verification will undermine every eligible person's access to affordable health coverage, and people who are willing to pay a full share of their health coverage expenses will not be able to enter a new health insurance marketplace if they are without legal status or a citizen resident of Puerto Rico.  Under the president's plan, some Latinos in this country could be worse off after health care reform.

Unfortunately, the failure of the White House to act on these core priorities is more of the same inaction that we have seen in the past year.  It is clear to NCLR that unless Latinos speak up now, we will continue to have our priorities undermined in the future.  In the coming weeks, NCLR will ask you for your participation in several events related to a national agenda, but we are also asking that you use a few minutes of your time to take action today.

Tell the White House Now that the Latino Community Matters!  

The White House will host a summit on its proposal on Thursday and Friday.  It's important to call now to say that the Latino community must be represented in health care reform.

Please call the White House switchboard at (202) 456-1111.

Call now and call often.  This line is frequently busy, but we ask that you keep on trying.  The government needs to hear Latino voices loud and clear.  Below is a sample message you can use.  Feel free to tailor your message and incorporate more information about the pending legislative priorities.  Latinos deserve the respect that has been offered to other stakeholders in this debate, but we must take action to get it.

Sample Message:  I am calling from (City, State) to ask the White House to create a health care plan that works for me and my family.  The reform plan that was released on Monday does not give Latinos and immigrants equal opportunity to pay a fair price for affordable, quality health insurance.  You must make sure that we can all have access to quality health insurance.  I want health care reform to move forward, but it must open real pathways to affordable coverage. 

Please tell five of your friends to raise their voices by clicking here .


Jennifer Ng'andu, Deputy Director, Health Policy Project

For more information, visit | | |





Increased fines   :)

How do you feel about
President Obama's new health care proposal?

Click here to write a letter to your local newspaper

On Monday, President Obama released his own health care reform plan prior to this week's health care summit with Republicans. Now that only 50 Senate votes are needed and nobody has to please Joe Lieberman, the White House plan includes the public option the President has long supported, right?


Still no public option. Still a tax on middle class health care plans. Still huge restrictions on a woman's right to choose. Still special protection for drug makers who fight against Medicare drug price negotiation, reimportation and access to cheaper generics.

Worse yet, the bill forces many to pay an even bigger fine if they don't buy products of the private insurance industry.

Your member of Congress and both Senators need to hear from you on this issue. One of the more effective ways you can get their attention is through letters printed in your local papers - something that can't be ignored with the press of a "delete" button.

Let your community know how you feel about the new health care bill by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Click here to write your letter:

A mandate without the choice of a public option to provide competition to the private insurance monopolies is wrong. And for months, polling has shown the public option makes the health care bill much more popular, even among Republicans and voters in swing districts.

Do you think trying to win "bipartisan" support is worth sacrificing freedom of choice and the ability to control health care costs?

Let others in your community know how you feel about health care reform and the President's latest proposal. Write a letter to your newspaper editor now.

Click here to start your letters to the editor.

Thanks for telling folks what you think about the health care bill.

Take care,

Michael Whitney





I'm back   :)

Dear MoveOn member,

Missed me?

Well, I'm still here. Actually, as you may have heard, I'm making something of a comeback in Washington.1 So my friends at MoveOn teamed up with the fabulous actor Heather Graham to spread the word.

Check it out. I think it's pretty funny-if you agree, pass it on.


Thanks for all you do.

-The public option


1. "Public option revival gains steam," The Hill, February 20, 2010

"Whip Congress for a Public Option," Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America, and Credo Action

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E-News: Where Your 2009 Taxes Go, Health Care, and More   :)

Friends Committee on National Legislation - A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest

E-News: Where Your 2009 Taxes Go, Health Care, and More**

Tuesday, February 23

33 Percent of Your 2009 Taxes Pay for War
Health Care: How Does the President's Proposal Stack Up?
START: A Way Out of Partisan Muck
Iran: Are They Building Nukes?
Are You Coming to Washington? FCNL Lobby Days, March 21-22
Save Energy, Trees, and Time: Become an FCNL Sustainer
War is Not the Answer Photo of the Week: Conway, SC

See the online version of this newsletter:

*33 Percent of Your 2009 Taxes Pay for War

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also ~Matthew 6:21
After hours of analysis, FCNL's Legislative Program Director, Ruth Flower has crunched the numbers: 33% of your 2009 income taxes went to Pentagon spending on current and past wars, while only 1% went to diplomacy, development, and war prevention. The federal budget is a reflection of our country's moral values. If this budget is out of balance with your values, please tell your representative and senators:

*Health Care: Does the President's Proposal Stack Up?

Yesterday morning, President Obama put a health care proposal on the table in an attempt to bridge the differences between the House and Senate bills. We've looked at this proposal and asked if it would advance health care for all, make health care more affordable, improve health care quality, and be financed progressively:

*START: A Way Out of Partisan Muck

Negotiation of a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with Russia could make the U.S. safer from the threat of nuclear weapons and make a dent in the increasingly partisan atmosphere in Washington. It has the support of top foreign policy officials from both major parties: Vice President Joe Biden reiterated the administration's support for a new START treaty in a speech last week. Please ask your senators to support speedy ratification of START:

*From the Intern Blog: Being Green in DC

After spending Saturday at a forum looking at how to improve DC residents' access to healthy food and gardening opportunities, program assistant Kim MacVaugh observes that "curbing climate change and changing federal environmental policy are daunting tasks that FCNL is dedicated to, but seeking 'an earth restored' includes small practical steps as well, like reducing waste, turning vacant spaces into green places, and making our homes and offices more eco-friendly."

*Iran: Are They Building Nukes?

Last week the discussion of Iran's abilities to produce nuclear weapons and whether or not they would enter into discussions with the U.S. continued. Read this analysis from FCNL's foreign policy lobbyist Jim Fine:

*Are You Coming to Washington? FCNL Lobby Days, March 21-22

Join people of all ages from across the country for two days of issue briefings, lobby trainings, and workshops. Then lobby your members of Congress to end the war in Afghanistan and protect the environment. Will you join us? Register for FCNL's Spring Lobby Weekend today!

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*War is Not the Answer Photo of the Week: Washington, DC

The perfect compliment to snowy conditions, Grace Gifford, Clerk of the Five Rivers Friends Monthly Meeting sent this photo of her sign in last week's blizzard in Conway, South Carolina.

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We Need 100,000 People To Speak Out Today On Single Payer To The White House   :)

We WERE going to do an alert today pushing back against the career
right wing mole in the Justice Department who thinks he can
unilaterally absolve John Yoo and Jay Bybee of facilitating known war
crimes . But first we must AGAIN muster as much opposition as we can
to the White House's attempt today to slickly repackage the hideously
bad Senate health care bill.

All the "hope" in the world is not going to result in the slightest
bit of real progressive policy change. NO, for that YOU must ACTIVELY
speak out and KEEP doing it. Put down your "Yes, We Can" coffee mug
and step away from the slick corporate con job. Submit this action
page now, which includes a special custom function to pipe your
personal comments directly to the new White House questions form.

Why Not Single Payer? Action Page:

We have a simple question for the White House, "Why are you still
refusing to even consider single payer?!"

And we have a simple and singular message, "Any health care 'reform'
bill that does not provide a Single Payer option is NO real reform at

That's it folks, the sum and total of this new fax petition, and you
can add whatever other choice personal comments you like. We need
100,000 people to submit this action today, so the White House knows
that we the American people are not as stupid as they think we are.

There were some who "hoped" that when the White House came out with
their own health care proposal there would be a real robust public
option in it. Instead, what they came out with today is little more
than the exact SAME Senate bill that everyone hated so much, the bill
that already cost us the Senate seat in Massachusetts, with perhaps
some inconsequential cosmetic improvements, some quarter hearted
gestures towards the House bill that was itself wholly inadequate.

Indeed, going out to the White House site, we can't find the ACTUAL
proposed bill anywhere, just page after page of slick, corporate
marketing hype with pretty graphics of prescription drug vials, and
not a word, not ONE single word anywhere about single payer or an
actual robust public option of any kind. Apparently the White House
thinks that the only thing that needs to be fixed about health care
is their marketing campaign, which is why they called David Plouffe
back in to crank up the smoke blowing machine again. Why they even
pulled him off his big book selling tour, talking about how he was so
instrumental in selling the hopes of progressives down the river, to
do it.

As best as we can determine, all the gruesomely bad stuff that cannot
possibly work in the interests of the people is still in there, in
particular the forced mandate to buy corporate health insurance from
some unneeded new "exchange", with no other meaningful option. Here
is the incredibly deceptive answer on the White House site to the
question of whether you will be forced to buy a "government" plan.

"You will be able to shop among private insurance plans that will be
sold in the insurance exchange -- a marketplace where you can choose
what is right for you." Ask your member of Congress if being an
indentured corporate debt slave is right for you.

This is exactly the SAME load of horse radish they tried to stuff
down our throats LAST month, like we're not supposed to remember or
be able to tell the difference. Except for one thing, now that the
Supreme Court has issued their edict that corporations ARE the
government, how is corporate insurance and corporate insurance only
NOT a "government" plan? And if that isn't nauseous enough, they even
try to channel the "right for you" mantra used on TV so incessantly
to peddle prescription drugs we later find out are killing thousands
of people from their deadly side affects.

Oh, and there's a slick new corporate marketing slogan too, "Putting
Americans in Control of their Health Care." Well, we're the American
people and we are not in control of our health care costs until we
have single payer, and we're not going to shut up until we get it.

Why Not Single Payer? Action Page:

By coincidence, today is the day the credit card so-called reform
bill finally goes into non-effect, changing absolutely nothing about
the bottom line, since Congress was very determined to make sure they
killed any actual ceiling on net usurous interest rates.

So now we can do one of two things. Be fooled yet again, and go,
"Duh, OK," like millions of Homer Simpsons. OR ... we can speak out
in greater numbers than ever before, with a renewed rigor, and a
renewed determination, resolved that no matter what happens we will
not go down without the most valiant fight we can muster. Please
submit the action page now, and encourage everyone else you know to
do the same. They only way we can truly lose is by giving up.

And if you have not done so already, be sure to request your free
bumper sticker protesting the Supreme Court decision to give
corporations unlimited largesse to tilt our elections. No donation
required, but please do make one if you can, which is what makes it
possible to send these for no charge to anyone who cannot make a
donation right now.

Free Supreme Court bumper sticker:

The above are the regular action pages, for Facebook use this link:

[Facebook] Why Not Single Payer?:

And this is the Twitter reply for the new Why Not Single Payer?

@cxs #p1033

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at





Stop pandering to Republicans on health care   :)

Our message to Congress:


Americans want a good health care bill with a public health insurance option, even if it passes with only Democratic votes. We would rather have a good bill than a bipartisan one.


Bipartisanship won't work.

This morning, in advance of the health care summit later this week, President Obama put forward a proposal to start the process of passing health care reform.

The president's plan is just an opening bid for discussion with Republicans, so you might think that it would include a public option that is supported by most Americans and is extremely popular with Democrats. But there is no public option in the president's proposal.

Instead, it is largely based upon the negotiations that were happening before Jan. 19th's election in Massachusetts. It's still a plan that is written with 60 votes in mind to succeed. It still includes elements written by Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson. It includes proposals from Republicans. It has all kinds of trade-offs aimed at senators who will never vote for this bill.

President Obama has given the Republicans and conservative Democrats ample opportunity to get on board with health care reform. It's time to pass health care without them.

Tell Congress: We want a good bill, not just a bipartisan bill. Click here to automatically add your name.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said if he has the votes, he will pass a bill with the public option. Reid has also said that reconciliation is how he's going to pass health care, which will require only a simple majority - 51 votes. That means he doesn't need a single Republican vote. Or Joe Lieberman's or Ben Nelson's for that matter.

The president has supported the public option in the past. And once this last ditch effort to curry Republican support for change fails, it's time to pass the bill the president campaigned for.

Tell Congress we want a good bill, not just a bipartisan bill. We need them to pass real health care reform with a public option using reconciliation. Click here to automatically add your name.

Thank you for working to secure real health care reform.

Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Did you know CREDO has a Facebook page?
Click here to check it out! © 2010 CREDO. All rights reserved.
Get action alerts on your mobile phone! Click here to join CREDO Mobile Action; we'll text you on important issues when your voice is urgently needed in Congress.





President Obama: the Answer is Medicare for All   :)

Once again the president and congress are not including any discussion of the only real solution to America's health care problems - expanding and improving Medicare to cover everyone in America. On February 25th, the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care will be holding a "Sidewalk Summit for Improved Medicare for All" outside the Blair House in Washington, DC before the Democrats and Republicans have their session. If you are able to be in Washington, DC meet us at 9 AM at the White House. Specific meet up details will be announced as the event gets closer.

If you can't join us in DC, consider taking bold action for the health care we need and organize a local "Sidewalk Summit" in your area. Check out these talking points,

responding to each of the goals President Obama has set for health reform in his State of the Union Address, "But if anyone...has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, let me know."


We urge brief presentations a few minutes long, video taped by independent video as well as notification of the media and articles written by real health care advocates. Hold the event at an appropriate federal building or other landmark and share your videos with us to circulate. Let us know what you're planning and we can help provide you with talking points, press lists, and help spread the word about your event. For more info, email us at

Just click here to find out how an improved Medicare for All system will meet Preident Obama's goals for a health care system that works for the American people.

This is an opportunity for us to clearly show how our solution - a national health system funded by a single payer; improved and expanded Medicare for All - is the best alternative and the only one that can meet all of the president's goals. Hold your own summit. Video tape it and share it with others. Write about it on blogs and websites and in your local papers. Make yourself heard.

No matter what the Congress and president do, if anything, the time is now to lay the foundation for a real health care reform movement that cannot be ignored.

Please be in touch with us if you want to organize an event locally, or if you plan to join us in DC on February 25th.

Thank you.

- Katie Robbins, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese





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And, stop Stupac Amendment, and any variations there of.  As well, no trigger, because triggers don't get pulled, no co-ops, or hammer; also must include anti-trust provisions.  Also, please, advocate for singlepayer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (Community Choice Act for the handicapped, elderly, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 3200 & S. 703, with Senate Amendment 2837.  Thanx.  Goodbye.


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