Bisleri must stop exploiting the water crisis

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Bisleri has been running an aggressive ad campaign on tv where you can see camels ignoring the natural water sources like lakes and heading straight for the bottle of bisleri. What is implied in the ad or atleast what comes across is wrong & ironic at so many levels that it makes it for a very uncomfortable watch. I am sharing some of the reasons below

  • All our water bodies are either extremely polluted or have dried up.
  • The water table in many cities has reached dangerously low levels with Chennai being the first to run out of drinking water
  • 21 cities will run out of drinking water by 2020
  • Millions in India do not have access to safe drinking water

When the country is facing a water emergency of such scale, seeing Bisleri run a campaign that implies that all other sources of water our polluted so pay money to drink my water which ironically comes from the very same sources meant for 1.25 billion Indians.

I reached out to Bisleri on twitter expressing my concern and this is what they had to say " 
"Hi Brikesh, the ad is a creative expression where the camels express to not settle for anything that comes on the way. The overall campaign implies that if camels can understand which water to choose, humans definitely can if they want to. That was the entire purpose of the ad"

Clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental right given to all citizens under article 21 of Indian constitution, corporations should be playing an active role in ensuring that people have access to clean drinking water instead of shamelessly monetizing the water crisis that India faces today.

This is not a creative expression but criminal exploitation of a crisis. I would like to request ASCI to ensure that the ad campaign is pulled out with immediate effect.