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Gamergate Does Not Represent Us - Support Media Outlets Against Coordinated Silencing Efforts

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Dear advertisers,

Recently, a group of people associated with “gamergate” have targeted news and media outlets by contacting advertisers en mass. Despite this group’s insistence that their focus is journalistic ethics, the outlets that have been named in their campaign have been named due to publishing articles discussing sexism and harassment within the gaming community.


We, as people who buy and play games, are not offended or afraid of having a discussion within our community concerning sexism and harassment.  We are aware that there is a small portion of gaming enthusiasts who have become highly defensive in response to these discussions and have decided to lash out.


This picture is a screenshot from a larger tactics document associated with gamergate, in which a person contacting the advertisers of targeted media outlets is encouraged to be “an annoying little shit”.


We would like you, the advertisers, who have been “pestered” by this group to know, that this group does not represent us.


Gaming, as a pastime and an art form, is a significant cultural phenomena.  Many of us are deeply invested in playing, discussing and developing games.  


Despite gamergate rhetorically supporting free speech and freedom of expression, their movement has contributed significantly to a hostile and toxic environment.


We stand against these bully-tactics and lend advertisers and media outlets our support.  We stand with journalists, reviewers, and editorial writers in hopes that they can continue to express their views and participate in much-needed conversations within our community free of coercion and intimidation.

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