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Adventist Health: Say NO to Assisted Suicide!

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To:  Adventist Health Leadership Team

(Overseeing 20 hospitals and 275+ facilities)

From:  Residents of WA, OR, and CA

I fervently urge you to take a stance against the End of Life Option Act--to the greatest extent that the law allows.  In particular, I urge you to prohibit your physicians, employees, independent contractors, and volunteers--including all of your affiliated physicians—from participating in the End of Life Option Act.  I further ask that you disallow any providers from participating in physician-assisted suicide while on the premises of an Adventist Health hospital or in property owned or managed by Adventist Health.  By "opting out" of the End of Life Option, your patients will have the peace of mind of knowing that all of your physicians are still being held to the Hippocratic Oath and the mandate “to do no harm.”

The End of Life Option Act is scheduled to go into effect throughout the state of CA on June 9 and will allow physicians--while receiving criminal and civil immunity--to assist with suicide by prescribing lethal drugs to patients.  Those who receive the fatal drugs are supposed to be terminally ill, are supposed to voluntarily and knowingly request the drugs, and are supposed to ingest the drugs only if they still want to do so.   However, because the law allows the entire process to take place under a shroud of secrecy and without proper safeguards or supervision, it will be impossible to ensure that these drugs are only given as intended.  Therefore, this act puts everyone at risk, especially our disabled and elderly adults who already suffer abuse at alarming rates.

Section 443.15(a) of the act allows any health care provider to prohibit its affiliates from participating in assisted suicide.  “Participating” is defined in Section 443.15(f)(2) and includes writing a prescription for lethal drugs, delivering the drugs, preparing the drugs, and being present with a person while the drugs are ingested.

I ask that you issue a public policy statement that will be available to your affiliated professionals, patients, and potential patients and that fulfills the requirements of Section 443.15(b) of the act.

Furthermore, I kindly ask that the requested policy statement--or another written policy statement concerning PAS--be made publicly available prior to June 9 and that a copy of the policy be provided to the sponsor of this petition (Jennifer Warner).   

Every dying patient should receive care that facilitates the highest level of comfort and dignity.  However, physician-assisted suicide is not the solution.  Rather, we need individualized and accessible palliative care; high-quality mental health services; and stronger social safety nets that help people who are in crisis.   This is how suffering is most compassionately addressed. And, hopefully you will agree, it is what is most consistent with your faith-based mission.

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