Approve PUSD Teachers Salary Increase

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I am a parent of PUSD students and a private tutor and I have just been made aware of the low and unfair salary that our dedicated and hard working teachers bring home.  Our district is still raising the bar in setting high academic standards and as funding has increased to record high dollars it makes this situation even more absurd.

Even the highest paid PUSD teachers earn salaries that rank near the bottom (43 out of 47) among unified school district in LA County.

Teachers are dedicated and have done their share for the district. During the recession, PUSD teachers took 2 years of salary and health and welfare benefits cuts to help keep PUSD afloat and now it is time to give back to them.

PUSD and its teachers are at a bargaining impasse, because the district has refused to offer competitive salary increase for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 even though funding has increased to record high dollars.

Tell the District to stop playing hardball with the hearts and souls of PUSD schools. I think it is embarrassing that PUSD Teachers are on the bottom of the list in terms of pay in the region. We also can’t get good substitute teachers because PUSD cut their pay as well. Please urge the District to pay both classroom teachers and substitutes better. 

Our teachers are amazing and extremely dedicated and that should be rewarded with pay. If we want to keep our school’s reputation and our district ranking high, we need our teacher to be happy and feeling appreciated.

PUSD still has dozens of teaching vacancies that it cannot fill with highly qualified, credentialed teachers because of the low pay and our current teachers are looking elsewhere. We are facing a teacher shortage if that continues!

Having a teacher appreciation day with lots of beautiful drawings made by their students is wonderful, but wouldn't a competitive salary say more?

If we want our teacher to stay and if we want highly qualified teachers to apply to our school, we need to show them we care and pay them a competitive salary.

Please, sign this petition and pass it along, post it on your Facebook, but we all need to do our part to show our support to the teachers that educate and spend sometime more hours with our kids than we do!

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