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Stop wearing, modeling, glamorizing fur!

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Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, Adriana Lima is a world famous supermodel whose face one can see everywhere. She's affiliated with popular brands such as Victoria's Secret, Maybelline, Kia, Mavi Jeans, Teleflora and many more.

With millions of adoring fans worldwide, Adriana Lima is well aware of her influence on her fans as she stated in past interviews that before she started modeling, she wanted to be a nun and always studied hard in school. She also claims to go to church every Sunday and has said, "sex is for after marriage."

Although she comes across as a sweet and down to earth individual who can relate to everyday people, apparently, Adriana Lima cannot relate to the excruciating pain that millions of innocent, defenseless, enslaved, sentient animals skinned alive experience all in the name of "fashion." Not only does she model fur for "high fashion" brands, Adriana Lima also wears fur in her personal life.

We want Adriana Lima to stop contributing to the sick glorification of fur as it's a vile, cruel, unnecessary, barbaric and bloody industry. We want to see Adriana Lima actually live up to the public image she has very cleverly created. Adriana Lima is the 4th richest supermodel in the world and has millions of dollars in the bank; she can afford to have principles and say "NO" to fur.

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