Keep Magnolia Elementary School Open!


Keep Magnolia Elementary School Open!

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Started by Jacob Sifontes

The Azusa Unified School District is planning to permanently close Magnolia Elementary School in the school year of 2023-2024. One reason they stated during a Town Hall meeting led by the Superintendent, Mr. Arturo Ortega, is that due to low enrollment in the district of Azusa, the district has decided  to permanently close several schools. Our focus here is on the families with children that attend Magnolia Elementary School, including my own. We are requesting the Board keep Magnolia Open! 


Our taxes have already paid for upgrades and modernization of Magnolia Elementary in the recent years. All for what? To simply close Magnolia and force  students into another school. Other schools will need upgrading to accommodate the new students being moved, meaning more tax payer money will be spent when Magnolia has already been upgraded and has the capacity to accommodate students from other schools. This decision seems  wasteful and hurtful to families living on the east side of Azusa. All the funding that has been invested into Magnolia will be wasted if it is shut down. This poor and inconsiderate decision to shut down Magnolia was made without equity in mind, justification or input from families being hurt by these choices. Ultimately, families living on the east side of Azusa need an accessible school.

Magnolia Elementary is well positioned on the east side and has the capacity to provide accessibility to the East side of the district. Removing Magnolia and Powell Elementary eliminates opportunities for families that live on the South and East side of Azusa to have a safe commute to school. It’s important to have schools accessible to all because not all families have transportation readily available. The Azusa School District should be considering families and student's needs. It’s the students that keep the schools running after all. Students have been negatively impacted the most during this pandemic, they have been isolated, forced to stay away from their friends and teachers, and with social anxiety and depression on the rise, the Azusa School District is now adding more harm to students by closings schools.


What makes Magnolia so special?

Magnolia has a rich history in the community. The school is one of the selling points for many families to move into Azusa. The teachers/staff at Magnolia are dedicated, knowledgeable and kind and have made the kids want to go to school and attend each day! It’s remarkable what this school has done so far. I’m sure many parents have young children that they were planning to enroll in Magnolia Elementary School in the coming years. 

My daughter and nephew have both been attending Magnolia Elementary School since Kindergarten. Both children were nervous, yet excited to attend grade school for the first time. Our family wanted to make sure the kids were going to a great school and so we chose Magnolia. Fast forward a few years, my daughter and nephew absolutely love Magnolia Elementary and are proud to be Wild Mustangs! My youngest nephew is also excited to attend Magnolia. They’ve made many friends and created bonds that could possibly last a lifetime thanks to Magnolia.


We are asking the Board of Education to keep Magnolia open.  Please feel free to contact the School Board directly with comments and concerns you want to share. Thank you!

If you would like to become more involved, email . I can send you copies of flyers and/or brainstorm ideas to be certain AUSD hears us out! 

Schools that are closing in 2023-2024:

-          Magnolia Elementary School

-          Ellington Elementary School

-          Powell Elementary School

-          Center Middle School

-          Foothill Middle School

-          Slauson Middle School

-          Gladstone High School


This petition made change with 895 supporters!

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