ADP: Stop Hurting Small Businesses; Let Them Use Zenefits

ADP: Stop Hurting Small Businesses; Let Them Use Zenefits

June 5, 2015
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Started by Zenefits

Thousands of small businesses use HR software from Zenefits to effortlessly manage their companies, saving them time and money, and enabling them to hire and grow without an expensive back office.

Now, ADP – the world’s largest payroll provider – has cut thousands of their small business customers off from using Zenefits to automate their time-consuming payroll administration work. ADP did so without permission from these small businesses, and also without notifying Zenefits, who has partnered with ADP amicably since we were founded. In fact, an ADP client can set up anyone in the world to administer their payroll – except those with a Zenefits email account.

Why would ADP undertake this sudden, unilateral move that makes it harder for their own clients to manage their employees?

Apparently, ADP thinks that they can’t compete on a service-to-service basis and instead thinks the only way to compete against Zenefits is to use their size and market power to force small businesses into using ADP’s bundle of HR services. We can only assume that they want to do anything they can to slow down Zenefits, the new kid on the block.

ADP is willing to make life harder for its small business customers in order to get a leg up on Zenefits. That may be good for a threatened incumbent, but it’s certainly not good for the small businesses ADP is burdening with more admin work.

We believe that small businesses deserve better. They – and not just the Fortune 500 – should be able to have the latest technology to make running their companies easier. Small businesses should not be used as pawns in a giant corporation’s chess game.

Zenefits will fight this anti-competitive behavior with all we've got. But we need your help. If you agree that big companies should compete like everyone else and small businesses should be able to use the latest technology, then please sign our petition! Tell ADP’s CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, to stand with his small business customers – and let them use Zenefits!

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This petition had 2,345 supporters

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