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Adoptadane Rescue Queensland Inc. was entrusted with an 11 month-old great dane puppy named Bruno. Adoptadane handed Bruno over to Melissa and Anna to care for until a permanent home was found. They have successfully cared for a number of challenging great danes over the last few years.  Bruno had presented with some difficulties; he wasn't toilet trained and has chewed/eaten things he shouldn't (though somewhat typical of a puppy!).  Bruno has also been scared of many things but, despite this, his family have persevered and are proud to say that Bruno has gained weight and has slowly but steadily become less fearful and anxious. 

Bruno’s family also raised concerns about his hips and excessive drinking and urination.  Adoptadane did not allow Bruno’s hips to be assessed until about a month after concerns were raised. The vet behaviourist who visited Bruno to assess his anxiety did check his hips (at the request of the family) and prescribed an anti-inflammatory and recommended that Adoptadane have blood tests done to check his kidneys.  Despite repeated requests, Adoptadane did not arrange blood tests. Adoptadane did not pay for Bruno’s anti-inflammatories or anxiety medication, his family ended up paying to ensure he had access to the medications.

Bruno’s family have never seen him bite to harm anyone - human or animal. In fact, there has only been one occasion where he was startled and that was when Melissa walked into the house to greet him wearing full motorcycle protective gear, helmet and all! As the behaviourist stated, it was no surprise this made him uncomfortable as he couldn’t have recognised Melissa under all that equipment. Melissa was not fazed and was unscathed.  Bruno got a fright - simple as that!

Despite this, on 25 Jan, 2020 Adoptadane advised that they were going to pick Bruno up the following day to euthanise him. Bruno’s carers had a discussion and decided to adopt him. Adoptadane refused, saying that the decision had already been made. Adoptadane’s Committee made this decision even though they had not had any contact with Bruno since he had been in his family’s care. Melissa and Anna sought legal advice and refused to hand Bruno over. They have been trying to negotiate with Adoptadane since 26 January but Adoptadane have steadfastly refused to negotiate or attend mediation. Adoptadane is taking Bruno's family to court to attempt to gain control of Bruno. 

Bruno's family did not sign any documents stating that they have any obligation to send Bruno back to Adoptadane, his microchip is registered to his family and Bruno is now having his medical and training needs met. Bruno and his family want Adoptadane to stop trying to take him so that Bruno can continue to thrive and live happily ever after.

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Please sign this petition to send a message to Adoptadane that Bruno should be allowed to stay with his family where he is happy, safe, loved and having his needs met, without further threats and harassment.

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