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Write yes to Preserve our Historic Shinnecock Canal! Adopt the Planning Board’s resolution against a zoning change!

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Write yes on this second in the series of petitions: Preserve our Historic Shinnecock Canal. 

Adopt the Town Planning Board’s resolution against a zoning change!

Help preserve public access to lands along the eastern shore of the Historic Shinnecock Canal, a vital waterway linking fragile ecosystems of the Shinnecock and Peconic Bays.

Your signature is urgently needed: inform Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and Council Members Brad Bender, Bridget Fleming, Stan Glinka and Christine Scalera that the Town Planning Board’s unanimous vote NOT TO endorse a zoning change along the Shinnecock Canal supports your opinion and reflects the consensus of fellow residents.

Tell the Town Board they must also VOTE NO (Public Comment prior to Vote on January 13, 2015 starting at 1:00 PM in Town Hall) to this disturbing application for rezoning not in compliance with existing Town policies nor public mandates. And reconfirm they serve the public interest: preserve public access for fishing, to boat slips and general recreational use as called for in the Town Comprehensive Plan (1999). And in the (Draft) Water Protection Plan (2014 -15) that also proposes a maritime center (read documents below).

Public access to lands, including wetlands along the eastern shore of the Historic Canal are not theirs to give away nor endanger with exceptions to a 50 ft setback.

Such as a building sited 7ft; a wall 5ft from the waters edge. The zoning change on the eastern shore of the historic Canal would privatize (end public  access) lands with unprecedented high density (proposed Residential Development is 73,000 sq ft on 3.9 acres) that far exceeds the right to build (17,000 ft). Contrary to established Town rules, nor appropriate along the South Shore Estuary Reserve (SSER) Watershed. The Canal is also located within the Peconic Estuary Critical Environmental Area.  

Tell them your vision of our gateway to the Hamptons. I propose lands encompassing the Historic Canal be developed with a singular vision, as achieved on the Manhattan “High Line” and Brooklyn’s Downtown Waterfront. The objectives are similar: preserve conservation standards "at destination points" for residents and tourists alike. Including rotating exhibitions of outdoor artworks, as the East End has been home to generations of artists including world renowned Roy Lichtenstein and William De Kooning. 

Stop the Developer from using rehabilitation of Canoe Place Inn, that can proceed exactly as planned without a change in zoning, to development on other lands linked without precedent - here. At the narrowest point of Long Island, overwhelmed by overdevelopment and traffic congestion not clearly revealed on the Developer’s petition "save the canoe place inn":  

The Town Board’s vote must be postponed until all issues cited by the Planning Board are fully investigated in an open forum when public comment is reopened. 

Attend the January 13th hearing at 1PM in Town Hall: Ask the Developers to sell or donate the lands to Community Preservation Fund. Tell the Town Board they must VOTE NO to deny the application for zoning change. As recommended by the Planning Board and Town Planners hand-in-hand with their obligation to reflect our consensus, their constituents. Almost one thousand said NO this past month:

 All information referenced from Southampton Town documentation, including site maps that detailed information but could not be posted here:

Below, read excerpts from the Town Planning Board resolution (adopted December 18, 2014) for CPI, Canal and Eastern Maritime Planned Development District, Hampton Bays. Consider referral of local law that identifies parameters of the potential Maritime Planned Development District (MPDD).

WHEREAS, the Planning Board cannot endorse the application in its current form, in light of the following issues:

  1. The specifics of the proposal cannot be discussed without first addressing the broader issue that this plan constitutes a significant privatization of the Shinnecock Canal.  While it is obviously private property, the current RWB zoning on the waterfront provides opportunities for businesses to operate and provide water dependent and water enhanced uses such as the former restaurant that was open to patrons in the summer season.  Changing the zoning in this location seems contrary to the stated goals of the Comprehensive Plan that places priority on enhancing RWB zoning and promoting public use of the water.  The Planning Board recommends retaining commercial uses over private residential townhouses on these parcels.
  2. While recognizing that the applicant has scaled down the floor area of the proposal by roughly 20%, the population density equivalent of 37 units to the roughly 4 acres still appears excessive and out of scale for this relatively small parcel and in comparison to the density patterns within Hampton Bays, noting that this is already the most dense Hamlet in Southampton. 
  3. Overall, the Planning Board supports efforts for the rehabilitation of the Canoe Place Inn as a culturally significant community structure and in discussions on December 11th, the applicant’s architect represented that apart from the doors and windows, much of the historic fabric of the building is intact and in surprisingly good condition.  Efforts to have the architect produce a detailed plan for how the building will be rehabilitated, step by step/with measurable goals, would provide a basis for having a preservation consultant report on the progress to the Planning Board.  If done correctly, with adequate detailing as to what decisions are being made and why, the building could potentially be landmarked, even after the fact. 
  4. The Planning Board recommends that a continuous public promenade/access along the frontage of the Shinnecock Canal be required as this was clearly a community goal in the Hampton Bays DGEIS; along with this the public parking area does not seem to contain enough spaces. 
  5. The cottages at the CPI property are not designated to be energy efficient or meet any higher standards although the only thing that will remain is the foundations and framing.  This should be included in the local law as a requirement.

       6. The Eastern property is proposed for a NitrexTM Wastewater Treatment Facility, the Planning      Board recommends considering the Old Police Barrack property on North Road as a potential site for a larger STP that could benefit other development as well.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Planning Board hereby adopts this resolution and Planning Staff will forward to the Town Board accordingly. RESULT: ADOPTED [UNANIMOUS] MOVER: Jacqui Lofaro, Board Member. SECONDER: John Zuccarelli, Secretary. AYES: Finnerty, Blaney, Lofaro, Zuccarelli, Gandel. ABSENT: George Skidmore, Philip A. Keith

 Read more at these links on Town of Southampton document website:

1- Developers plans:

2- Town Comprehensive Plans:

3- 1999 Town Comprehensive Plan:

4-2014 Draft Water Protection Town Plan:

5- Shinnecock Canal Planned Development district:

6- County land and roadway improvements proposed by Developer:

7 - Original Conservation Board Report July 24, 2013:

8- Article XXVI of the Code of the Town of Southampton; - Canal & Eastern Properties MPDD: SHINNECOCK CANAL STUDY RECOMMENDED PLAN Source: Shinnecock Canal Public Access and Marine NORTH Planned Development District,1997 Draft EIS Scale: 1" = 500’ -

9- Developers Final Environmental Impact Study:

10 - Read N.Y. TWN. LAW § 272-a : NY Code - Section 272-A: Town comprehensive plan


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