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Get Adobe to Do Their Job and Fix the Photoshop File Explorer Bug

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Since 2015, Adobe has ignored a widespread bug in Photoshop CC for Windows 10 (and potentially other systems) which has wreaked havoc on their users' computers and workflow. Many users have lost real money because of time spent trying temporary, homemade work-arounds and reinstalling their entire operating systems (to no avail). Many users have simply uninstalled Photoshop CC. Adobe has marked this bug as "Resolved" despite there being countless users still affected by it. Refer to this forum thread for details on the specific issue.

Adobe Systems has provided amazing tools for artists, designers, and marketers around the world for years, empowering them to do great things, but one thing they can't seem to get right is ensuring that those tools consistently operate smoothly and correctly. Granted, running one of the world's biggest software megacorp is no small task and will have some hiccups here and there, but in the real world, when your customers can't do their jobs because of your negligence, you're fired. Adobe, we love you/Photoshop, but we're willing to move to other companies' software if it means they'll listen to us. You might have some of the greatest products in the world, but a company isn't built on products, it's built on people. Your product isn't working correctly and you're not listening to your people. Please do something.

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