This petition is against the injustice and mismanagement by NTS and NUMS test 2019.

This petition is against the injustice and mismanagement by NTS and NUMS test 2019.

1,618 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rameesha A

This petition is against the injustice done by National testing service and NUMS ENTRY TEST 2019 for admissions in medical and dental Colleges, held on September 1st, 2019.

1.The test was conducted in pathetic conditions. No fans or lights in many test centres. The invigilators showed carelessness while telling about the time to students. They told 180 minutes because it was written on the exam booklet ( the exam was prepares way before the new time policy so it required 180 minutes for solving) Later they came and announced that the test was only of 150 mins when only half hour was left. Students got stressed because of this.

2. A lot of MCQs of physics portion were out of syllabus. I have an open challenge to NUMS official to compare the test and the given syllabus and prove all students wrong. Unequal distribution of MCQs from all the chapters of all subjects. Mostly paper was concentrated on a few selected chapters. The physics mcqs were written so congested that half of the numerical values and powers were not visible or understood clearly. 

3. The biology portion consisted of diagrams to identify and label but the paper and ink used was of cheap quality and the diagrams were not visible properly. The labelled diagrams had no arrows. It had a lot of misprinting issues. 

4. Some options in the chemistry MCQs were not according to our book and the statistics used in them were different than the ones in our books and that confused the students. 

5. Boys weren't allowed into the centres unless they protested when they were made to stand in lines under the hot sun. No separate gates for girls or boys. No water bottles provided during test conduction. No seating arrangements for parents. Some students were not given carbon sheets till half the test time passed. The invigilators wasted a lot of student's time. Some students couldn't find their assigned seats and were made to sit anywhere and attempt the test on blank sheets. Pathetic! 

Let's us all sign up this petition because thousands of pre med students are getting affected by this. Their future is at stake. Students should either be given grace marks or a re-conduct of test should take place. This was a highly irresponsible act from a national education institution and a national testing service. I am looking forward to a highly positive response from the NTS and the National University of medical sciences.


1,618 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!