Change the method for help violence women.

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Actually the violence in women in Mexico has increased, and the  research protocol its very slow, they don´t receive the attention and necessary physical and psychological help. Remain exposed to their harassment and causing more serious injuries, threats and even death. Its necessary the complain is made these women must be sheltered in safe places. Even after the sentences have been handed down to their aggressors, since many times these are, very short or not applied as they should, causing once the aggressor is free to return and hurt them.

Its  important to remember that when a woman makes the report, it is not the first time that she has suffered the assault, but the one that has hurt her the most, and even her children in case her husband is the one who assaults her, are hurt. We live in a society where harassment and aggression can be considered normal, and even if it is family frowned upon when a woman wants to denounce her aggressor.  If we find a woman without family support to carry out this step,  we must understand that this woman's vulnerability is important and if she does not feel supported, she will repent and continue living in a world full of violence.

If we don´t give the importance to the problem that woman is in danger of being assaulted even stronger.