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Madrid City Council, Community, ministries of environment and promotion: make you over these turtles and avoid more deaths from overcrowding

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Surely you've ever been to the Atocha station and observed the pond tropical plants. What for many people seems "paradise of the turtles" it is really a hell where they die daily by the large number of animals crammed there.

And turtles are not the only ones affected by these unsanitary conditions also they suffer fish survive there with them, and the birds that come and drink the water.

This pond was created for tropical plants, but for years people have been abandoning turtles. Now the great mass causes these turtles can not live under the conditions they deserve and need.

That is why we demand that the Madrid City Hall, Ministry of Environment, to take charge. Dealing with these turtles, which have been abandoned and are your responsibility. Looking for a place where you relocate and let live quiet until they die naturally. Because a train station is no place for some animals, and a railway company is responsible for about stray animals.


Sign this petition to Atocha longer a slaughter of turtles and a focus of abandonment and all institutions that are related to this issue somehow take over and assume their responsibilities.

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