Create Vegan Friendly Footwear Options with Faux Leather

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The production of real leather requires the death and suffering of cows. Everyone knows this. So why do mainstream shoe companies still not carry faux leather options?

Faux leather is cheaper to produce, lasts longer, and most importantly, does not harm animals. That's why it's absurd that a shoe company as successful and popular as Adidas does not carry vegan (faux leather) options in any of its styles. Not only does this prevent vegan and ethical shoppers from being able to purchase their shoes, but it perpetuates the idea that we as a society need to use leather. Would Adidas signature styles such as the Superstar and Stan Smith still be as stylish and highly sought-after if they were made with faux leather? I dare say they would. However, I recognize that making the leap from using real cow leather to using solely faux leather is a difficult process. Therefore, I propose a solution.

Would it not be absolutely fantastic -- for both humans and animals- if Adidas was to come out with a line of faux leather versions of its most popular styles? This would be an idea that benefits everyone involved. Adidas would open up their market to vegan customers, vegan customers would be able to purchase a pair or two (or twenty) of fashionable new cruelty-free shoes, and fewer cows would have their lives taken for a fashion material that already has a cheaper, more durable alternative.

Sign this petition if you agree that everyone would benefit from Adidas coming out with vegan/faux leather versions of their most popular styles. Signing won’t cost you a thing, but if we are successful, your signature may just save the life of an innocent animal.