Red Card for FIFA – Stand Up for Workers' Rights in Qatar

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Red Card for FIFA – Stand Up for Workers' Rights in Qatar

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Adidas, Coca Cola, Hyundai, Kia Motors, VISA and McDonalds

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While workers in Qatar risk their lives building stadiums for poverty wages FIFA’s corporate sponsors pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the World Cup.  FIFA has publicly stated that without corporate sponsors the World Cup would not be possible.  

Despite the international outcry and criticism against the slave-like conditions thousands of workers must endure in Qatar, FIFA has refused to take responsibility. The only language FIFA understands is money. That is why we call on Adidas, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Hyundai and all the other sponsors of FIFA to quit their sponsorship unless FIFA can ensure a World Cup where workers rights are respected. 

Let’s join together and send a strong message to our favourite brand-name companies to stand up for justice, respect, and human rights.  Profits should not come at the cost of the blood, sweat, and tears of more than one million migrant workers in Qatar.

We call on all FIFA corporate sponsors to reconsider their partnership with FIFA and join us in our demands to stop the exploitation of migrant workers in Qatar.

This is what we demand from FIFA:

1. Adopt principles for workers’ and human rights according to the ILO conventions in the criteria for bids by countries wishing to host the World Cup.

2. Adopt a mandatory policy of “Decent Work Stadium and Infrastructure Standards,” for all contracts throughout the supply chain related to the World Cup.

3. Include respect for workers’ rights, decent work, and binding provisions for safety and health in the ”FIFA law” that FIFA requires host nations to adopt.

4. Recognise the need for independent labour inspections with trade union representation to ensure that international labour rights, health and safety provisions are respected.

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This petition had 7,536 supporters

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