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Change in automotive dealership technician labor laws

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Fair labor law act states that employees of commercial automotive dealerships are exempt from the protections provided to hourly employees. The corporate dealerships exploit this, by over working and underpaying technicians using the manufacturer compiled flat rate manuals. In laymans terms the dealerships require attendance, but do not pay employee for ANY idle time. They control the inflow of work, but if you do not have an approved job you do not get paid. You have to be at work but if the dealship does not provide work to perform you recieve no pay. Picture a cashier that only gets paid per transaction. Overly common 10 hour shifts can result in under $100 daily pay for educated and experienced technicians who are responsible to purchase and maintain tools and storage that costs well over $30,000. A life long technician can easily spend over $100,000 in the length of thier career on tools that are required.  Other trades with similar requirements pay for attendance as well as overtime, where an automotive techician does not recieve overtime leading to dealerships requiring 50 hours or more per scheduled work week. We need the law changed to protect these americans from exploitation.  The dealerships should no longer be allowed to abuse thier emplyees under the law. Being required to be present at work for 10 hours and only being paid for 5 is a crime. I dont want to end flat rate, or even make any changes to small independent shops, but the system is outdated. Dont leave techicians in the past any longer. We need reform. Without reform, these corporations that are buying up all the dealerships, are going to continue to exploit thier employees.

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