Ban fireworks in parklands

Ban fireworks in parklands

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Adelaide City Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Nikki Gilbert

Please join me in petitioning council to ban all fireworks in parklands. 

Research shows that loud fireworks cause ground nesting birds to abandon their nests and flightless chicks to be permanently separated from their parents during the confusion, resulting in death. Birds fly into trees and buildings and ducks in high-noise areas grow slower and have less body weight than those in low-noise areas.

Firework explosions do not last long enough for animals to become accustomed to the sound. The ears of most animals are considerably more sensitive than the human ear, so the explosions are even more disturbing to them. 

Fireworks normally contain perchlorates. Perchlorates are used in rocket fuel, explosives, road flares and air bag inflation systems. They also contain metals to produce a variety of colours. These chemicals and metals are making their way into our water since most fireworks are set off in close proximity to the lake.

The above research is quoted from “The Land Between” website. 

Please sign and once enough signatures have been added I will send to council and other relevant departments to ban fireworks in parklands for good. Fireworks are cruel, unnecessary and highly outdated in light of the detrimental impact they have on local wildlife. 

170 have signed. Let’s get to 200!