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Petitioning The National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall and 5 others

Add Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena's Name on the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Washington, DC

The nonprofit organization in charge of the National Law Enforcement Memorial have "delayed" their decision to include Officer Jennifer Sebena's name on the National Police Memorial Wall until 2014 because of the manner in which she died.

Police Officer Jennifer Sebena of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) was killed on duty when she was gunned down by her husband right by her squad car this past Christmas Eve. It should not matter how she was killed or by whom. The fact is that she was on duty at the time of her death and she should be honored the way many before her have been.

I have relatives who are police officers and I care deeply about their commitment to protecting and serving our country. I have also been helping create memorial pages for fallen officers all across the country. That's why I've created a Facebook page to honor Officer Sebena called "Remembering Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena ( 

I am also founder and creator of "WEAR BLUE every Saturday for Fallen Police Officers" on facebook ( where we Wear Blue on Saturday's to Honor & Remember Fallen Officers.

"They are the 1st responders before the 1st responders.. They are the ones coming through pouring rain and falling trees.. They are the ones charging through that door, not knowing what is on the other side.. They are the ones who jump into freezing water to save you.. They are the ones who will do anything, including laying down their life, just for you.. This is why we Honor & Remember Fallen Officers with this page.."

I believe Officer Sebena deserves to be included and remembered on our national memorial wall in Washington, DC. I hope you agree and sign.

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Letter to
The National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall
Chairman & CEO Craig W. Floyd
Media Contact John Shanks
and 3 others
Board member William F. Weber
Board member Karen Tandy
Board member Brad Brekke
On April 3, 2013 - Please reconsider your delay on adding Wauwatosa Police Officer Sebena's name on the National LE Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. I would like her name placed where so many before her have been. Give her the Honor she deserves. She served and protected us, it is time for US to support her. Please place her name on the Wall...