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Add Opiate Addiction to the Medical Marijuana list in Maine

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It should come as no surprise that our beautiful little state is completely entrenched in heroin, fentanyl and prescribed opiates. To the point of skyrocketing overdose deaths, and literal epidemic. No sweeping news links are needed, if you live in Maine, or even New England, you face this reality every day. Whether in recovery, having lost someone to drugs, or know someone currently trying to get clean and lacking resources. We have all felt this close to our hearts, in one way or another. 

We are asking all  Mainer's to sign this petition to show representatives that you support LD411 "An Act To Add Addiction to or Dependency on Opiates or Prescription Drugs to the List of Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana"  (click link for full bill text).

We believe that opiate addiction should be added to the Maine medical marijuana program's qualifying conditions list, to open the door for caregivers to set up treatment and care for those trying to wean off replacement therapy, or those trying to quit opiate street drugs who want an alternative option other than methadone or suboxone, (which don't always work and often end up being sold on the street to people who are not being monitored under the program, creating even more wide spread addiction).

Cannabis has been proven time and time again to show efficacy against the myriad of symptoms that come with the withdrawal users face when trying to quit opiates.

These symptoms include (but are not limited to),

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Involuntary muscle spasms

.....and more. Cannabis has been proven effective time and time again against those kinds of symptoms, to the point where many disorders involving pain and nausea are already covered under the Maine Medical Marijuana program's Qualifying list of conditions . But it's not enough....think of it this way. If you could avoid feeling like you had the flu every day, by taking a pill...but knew that if you didn't take it every day, you'd get violently ill ? This is why it's easy to get trapped. And this is how cannabis can help. By combating the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe, natural way that doesn't create any further dependency issues as many replacement therapy programs do.

The opiate epidemic in our state is taking lives DAILY. It's taking away bright young people with their future(s) in front of them. It's taking parents from their children, and even grandparents from their grandchildren. This epidemic does not discriminate. It does not care whether you are rich, poor, old, or young. It impacts us all in one way or another, whether struggling with addiction ourselves or just knowing someone who has. We owe it to ourselves to explore different options for treatment, and cannabis has proven efficacy against opiate addiction in many peer reviewed clinical studies which will be presented in Augusta, along with this petition.

With a comprehensive medical marijuana program, and many caregivers already passionately helping to treat these kinds of symptoms, all we need now is addiction added as a condition, and then the real work can begin. We can continue to dance around the problems, and treat the symptoms haphazardly under the guise of this or that, or we can have an honest discussion about addiction being at the root of many issues for people, and start offering more well rounded treatment and care options that can help that person become genuinely independent of the substance that has been controlling their lives. 

Cannabis is safe and non habit forming. Coming off of cannabis does not have the myriad of negative side effects that opiates do. There are also non psycho active forms, like CBD, which doesn't produce a 'high' at all, but are very effective at combating withdrawal from opiates. We have many options within this community to build caregiver models designed around supporting those who are in recovery and want this option.

The state is overwhelmed right now. There are not enough detox beds, jail cells or rehab clinics to contain everyone. And NA meetings don't work for everyone. We need MORE....and we need it now! Already many people are using this to combat the symptoms of withdrawal; but under the guidance of a caregiver they would be safer, smarter, and have less chance of relapse or adverse side effects. So please let the caregiver and patient community take the next step in combating this sad and awful part of our history. Sign this petition to show our reps you support this bill!

Thank you for your time,

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