Add a choking hazard label to Nutella, Skippy and similar food products.

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You may not realize that eating Skippy or Nutella off of a spoon, or in a quantity larger than a tablespoon spread on a slice of bread, is an act that can place you and your loved ones in a potentially deadly situation.  My older brother died in this unbelievable manner.  

Food products like these are quite thick.  If too much is swallowed, one's airway can easily become blocked.   Acting as virtual cement, these types of commonly enjoyed spreads can quickly coat the throat and seal off oxygen to the lungs; aspiration, cardiac arrest and death are only minutes behind.   Performing the Heimlich maneuver with a thickly lodged substance is possible, but is often difficult.  The elderly, special needs individuals and young children are at risk groups, but this is a food safety issue that applies to us all.  Placing a choking label on major brands like Skippy and Nutella will remind consumers to be safe when eating it, and will encourage safer storage of these commonly enjoyed products worldwide.

I never worried about the potential danger of spreads like Skippy or Nutella.   I lost someone I love, and I believe adding a warning label on these products is a manageable request for these iconic brands.