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ADAPT Acts: 99 Arrested, Blocks Indep + Const Aves, Crawls; etc..
99 Arrested as ADAPT Blocks Independence and Constitution Avenues on the Hill, then Crawls Up the Capitol StepsFor Immediate Release:
April 28, 2009
For Information Contact:

Bruce Darling 585-370-6690
Marsha Katz 406-544-9504

Washington, D.C. --- ADAPT, the nation's largest cross-disability, grassroots disability rights organization, took the
fight to include long-term services in Health Care Reform up to Capitol Hill today. On Monday, Obama administration
officials made it clear that the administration was not going to provide leadership on getting long-term services
included in health care reform, saying it was up to Congress.

"I guess what happened at the White House kind of got us wondering who is leading the country, the President or
Congress," said Bob Kafka, ADAPT Organizer from Austin, Texas.  "Sad to say but President Obama gets a D on disability
rights after his first hundred days. Throughout his campaign and currently on his website he promises to support
independent, community-based living for Americans with disabilities by enforcing the Community Choice Act, which would
allow Americans with significant disabilities the choice of living in their community rather than having to live in a
nursing home or other institution.  Many of us who voted for him feel angry and betrayed that he isn't keeping his

The Community Choice Act (CCA) (S. 683, HB1670), introduced in March 2009 by Sen. Tom Harkin (IA) and Rep. Danny Davis
(IL), would remove what is known as the 'institutional bias' in Medicaid. B Currently, Medicaid pays for older and
disabled people to go to nursing homes and institutions, but won't pay for the same assistance, generally at a lower
cost, in a person's own home. Many states have limited or no home and community based services with lists that keep
people waiting for years in institutions and nursing homes before they have any hope of getting services. Some wait so
long they die before their name reaches the top of the list.

"It's no surprise we decided to have a presence on Capitol Hill today," said Mark Johnson, ADAPT Organizer from
Atlanta, Georgia. "We blocked streets to make it visibly clear that we aren't going awayb& and we won't go away
until CCA passes or is included in Health Care Reform. Research has shown that people who live in the community are
healthier and have fewer secondary conditions. It's fiscally irresponsible to increase health care costs by not
insuring that people have the choice to receive services and supports in their own homes.  And it's bad policy to put
all the dollars only into front-end health care, once again denying people with disabilities their civil rights and
forcing them to continually be the last people served."

After police arrested 99 people from both the House and Senate sides of the Capitol, the remaining 400 ADAPT members
went to the Capitol, many B spilling out of their wheelchairs and crawling up the Capitol steps to hold an impromptu
CCA rally, reminiscent of the famous stair crawl on the day the ADA was passed in 1990.

ADAPT winds up its week in Washington on Wednesday by holding a joint rally with SEIU, the fastest growing, largest
home care union in the country, with a membership of over 420,000. Sen. Harkin will speak at the rally, as will an
ADAPT member and his SEIU attendant. People with disabilities and seniors want workers who are paid a living wage, who
have health care benefits, and time off. Supporting a fairly compensated workforce reduces turnover, increases
reliability and insures a better trained attendant workforce for those who need assistance in their daily lives.

"After the rally, we will go in teams to visit every member of Congress, asking them to co-sponsor CCA and include
long-term services in Health care reform," said Barb Toomer, ADAPT Organizer from Salt Lake City, Utah.  "There will be
well over 1000 people visiting Congress on Wednesday from a number of different disability and provider groups, all
with the same message: pass CCA and include long-term services."

FOR MORE INFORMATION on ADAPT visit our website at


No Change for CCA? It's up to us!
President Obama fails to lead on Community Choice Act
Tell the President and your Representatives that CCA must be part
of healthcare reform!

      This morning, ADAPT met with Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Obama
administration's healthcare czar (Counselor to the President and Director of
the White House Office of Health Reform).  Despite featuring the Community
Choice Act (CCA) prominently in the presidential campaign, despite past
co-sponsorship of the bill by the President, Vice President and Chief of
Staff, President Obama's administration, including Ms. DeParle, has again
demonstrated that they are unwilling to take leadership and capitalize on the
promise of healthcare reform to pass CCA.  ADAPT has been part of prior
meetings with the Obama administration which also failed to yield any
commitment to call for CCA to be part of healthcare reform.

      In response to the Obama administration's refusal to demonstrate
leadership, ADAPT activists chained and handcuffed themselves to the
Whitehouse fence.  They  refused to leave until President Obama fulfils his
campaign commitment to support passage of the CCA.  ADAPT is demanding that
President Obama create the change that Americans with Disabilities need: the
Community Choice Act!

      For more information on the ADAPT action go to national ADAPT website and click on Action Reports.

      It's important that our leaders in Washington DC hear from you!  Send a
letter to the White house, your Senators and Representative in Congress right


91 Arrested When ADAPT Told Obama Administration Won't Support Inclusion of Long Term Services in Health Care Reform
For Immediate Release:
April 27, 2009
For Information Contact:

Bruce Darling 585-370-6690
Marsha Katz 406-544-9504

Washington, D.C.--- Ten members of ADAPTB met with Obama Administration officials in the White House today, and came
away disappointed at the lack of commitment from the administration on inclusion of long term services and supports in
health care reform. The administration stated that its only commitment currently is to extend insurance to the people
who are uninsured, and that the people in nursing homes and institutions would need to continue to wait until an
unspecified time in the future when it is proven that the health care reform worked. Angered by that response, 500
ADAPT members immediately stretched out along the White House fence, using handcuffs and chains to secure themselves.
The Capitol Police ultimately arrested 91 people.

"This is unequivocally a civil rights issue, and we thought we had a civil rights president," said Bruce Darling,
ADAPT Organizer from Rochester, New York. "He took the oath of office on the Lincoln bible, and has spoken repeatedly
about inclusion and integration. But after today, it seems clear that inclusion doesn't apply to us or to the thousands
of people trapped for years behind institution and nursing home walls and those of us who are aging with nursing homes
looming in our futures. Instead of the promised 'change' we are just getting more of the same old thing."

Obama officials in the one hour meeting with ADAPT included Nancy-Ann De Parle, Counselor to the President and Director
of the White House Office of Health Reform, aka the President's Health Care Czar; Jeff Crowley, Director of Office of
National AIDS Policy and an advisor on the administration's development of disability policies; Henry Claypool,
Director of the Office of Disability in Health and Human Services (HHS); and Mike Hash, coordinator of the HHS-White
House reform efforts.

"My heart is broken," said Dawn Russell, ADAPT organizer in Denver, Colorado. "Throughout the Presidential campaign,
ADAPT worked hard to educate the Obama campaign. We came to believe in the Obama promise of 'change,' and we really
believed that President Obama was the person who really would 'free our people' from being imprisoned in nursing homes
and other institutions. Untold numbers of people have died or been abused waiting for th eir freedom, and we just got
told we aren't important enough and so we have to keep waiting."

ADAPT will be making visits to Congress during the week, seeking more co-sponsors for the Community Choice Act,
legislation which would give older and disabled Americans the choice to live in their own homes and communities with
the services and supports they need. Current Medicaid policy forces people into nursing homes and other institutions in
order to get the assistance they need, despite the fact that both the aging and disabled communities have consistently
indicated they prefer home and community based services to the generally higher cost institutional services that rob
them of control of their lives.

"The President can give millions more people health insurance, but if health care reform doesn't include long term
services and supports, then all the health care in the world won't keep those people from being forced into nursing
homes against their will," said Linda Anthony, ADAPT Organizer from Pennsylvania.


April 29: CCA Day!
Original Message ----- From: "Amber Smock"
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 1:23 PM
Subject: April 29: CCA Day!

April 29 is Community Choice Act Day: Disability and Labor Advocates Unite!
On Wednesday, April 29, join the fight to pass the Community Choice Act
(CCA)! Whether you are in Washington, DC, or around the United States,
your help is needed. ADAPT, SEIU and NCIL with the support of
Philadelphia-area Local 1199C are working together for a historic march
and lobby day to pass the CCA!
If you will be in DC on April 29, and want to march to Capitol Hill and
lobby with us:
Meet us at 9:30 am sharp at the Holiday Inn located at 550 C Street SW.
We will be marching rain or shine so dress appropriately. You will be
assigned to a "color team" to stay with as you march and lobby, so be
sure to look out for the people doing team assignments. Wear a t-shirt
to represent your organization or your disability pride! This event will
run till at least 3 pm. If you and/or your organization plan to attend,
please RSVP by 5 pm April 23 to Amber at
If you will not be in DC, but want to coordinate a Hometown CCA Day:
We need your help! Gather up all the advocates you know to contact your
legislators in DC and their home offices. You can call, fax, or e-mail
your elected officials. If your elected officials support the CCA, thank
them! If they don't, encourage the m to sign on ASAP! Doing this as a group makes the work a lot more fun.
The best time to do this on April 29 is in the morning, if possible. If
you and/or your organization plan to do a Hometown CCA Day event, please
RSVP by 5 pm April 23 to Amber at  On Friday, April 24,
we will e-mail you materials you can use to successfully lobby or thank
your legislators!
If you and your organization participated in the CCA Kickoff in March,
this is a great follow up event. Let's make 2009 the year we FREE OUR

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