Cibolo Green Elementary: 15 Minute Recess is Insufficient

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We the parents, guardians, and caregivers of past, present, and future students at Cibolo Green Elementary implore the school's administration to increase the amount of recess allotted to students on a daily basis to at least 30 cumulative minutes per day.

Currently, our Champions only receive 15 minutes of recess per day. This is woefully insufficient time for some of the youngest members of our community. Next year the district is increasing the length of the school day by 15 minutes. We must do better by these children and provide them more recess than 15 minutes in what is to become a 7 hour and 15 minute school day. We respectfully request that the additional 15 minutes be allocated to an increase in the length of recess for every student.

Already, several elementary schools within our district exceed our children's 15 minutes for recess. 

  • Two 15-minute recesses: Hidden Forest, Colonial Hills, Vineyard Ranch (with the second of their recesses being 20 minutes)
  • One 27-minute recess: Clear Spring
  • One 30-minute recess: Bulverde Creek, Tuscany Heights
  • One 15-minute and one 30-minute recess: Las Lomas
  • One 60-minute lunch and recess combination: Wilderness Oak, Regency Place

Peer-reviewed academic research as well as recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) all indicate that an increase in recess has many benefits and does not negatively impact academics. In fact, per the AAP, "ironically, minimizing or eliminating recess may be counterproductive to academic achievement, as a growing body of evidence suggests that recess promotes not only physical health and social development but also cognitive performance. Although recess and physical education both promote activity and a healthy lifestyle, it is only supervised but unstructured recess that offers children the opportunity to actually play creatively. In this sense, then, pediatricians’ support of recess is an extension of the AAP’s policy statement supporting free play as a fundamental component of a child’s normal growth and development. On the basis of an abundance of scientific studies, withholding recess for [...] academic reasons would seem to be counterproductive to the intended outcomes and may have unintended consequences in relation to a child’s acquisition of important life skills."

Further reading and evidence supporting our position can be found at the following:

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