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Don't down our petitions

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38 Degrees: don't down petitions, moderate comments

Peoples' voice on social media threatened by bad policy

More than 35,000 people signed the 38 degrees petition calling for the sacking of Laura Kuenssberg, due to the public losing patience with right-wing bias in BBC reporting - but then, say 38 degrees, it was taken down, because some people were making aggressive, sexist comments.

But anyone who uses social media regularly knows that just about anything gets its share of daft posts by 'trolls'. Many people believe there are armies of paid trolls who set out to lower the tone on any social media site or activity their employer wishes to discredit.

That's why moderators exist. It should not be necessary to explain this: most public-access media have people who keep an eye on things, delete rude, aggressive or otherwise unacceptable posts, issue warnings and ban from site anyone who keeps coming back with abuse. 38 degrees, please moderate your own sites, and if abusive comments elsewhere worry you, report them to the moderators of those sites. There is no need to react by downing a petition people have signed.

In the strange political climate at this time, many people are very unsettled by 38 degrees' odd decision. If it happens again, people will begin to wonder what the motivation is. 38 degrees, please protect the valuable service you give by changing your policy. Delete abusive comments, call out or report comments elsewhere, but don't throw out petitions which, by their numbers of signatories, are clearly important to people.

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