NO MORE Anti-abortion "ads" on Public Transit

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End the public shaming of legally allowable, safe, personal choices, on Public Transit for good. Many other cities such as Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ottawa, Lethbridge and more, have said enough to these anti-abortion messages on public transit for three simple reasons.

1. These are not advertisements. They don't offer any services to help pregnant women, they offer nothing but shame and misinformation for what is a 100% legal and safe procedure and personal choice. Advertise birth control, safe sex, and education to lower abortion rates, not guilt and shame. 

2. These messages are a TRIGGER for many with PTSD, and/or who have gone through an abortion as result of sexual abuse or medical reasons, for the 1 in 4 women and couples who experience a miscarry, or who may have lost a child, or even given one up for adoption. Driving behind this sort of trigger is dangerous on the road and for the overall mental health of the driver.

3. Being a matter controversial opinion, and nothing more, often used by religious groups and leverage in political campaigns, it is inappropriate to be plastered on city property and violates the Canadian Advertising Standards Act. Having made the argument in the past that it is just paid ad space, when approached with an attempt to buy ad space for PRO-CHOICE matters, both the city and transit has simply not responded so it is clear that just purchasing ad space is not the only factor here. Guelph is a city, in a province and country where abortion is both safe and legal, this opinion has no place being forced down the throats of the public, and obviously isn't the opinion of the majority or it wouldn't be legal in the first place. 

The list goes on! Please help us remove these messages from Guelph Transit, and all transit.