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Activision: Approve backwards compatibility of older Call of Duty games!

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"During Microsoft’s Xbox Gamescom conference, Microsoft revealed a list of publishers that are supporting Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. All major publishers were listed expect for one: Activision. It appears Activision will not support the feature, regardless of how many votes Call of Duty titles have been getting on the Xbox Forums."

Please help us to make a change and allow the backwards compatibility of old Call of Duty titles, the community was at a loss without these games and now seeing that they may never get to play them again without using an older console is really taking its toll. Work with us to make this a reality.

I have been playing Call of Duty since the first Call of Duty without multiplayer and I have watched it evolve, adding multiplayer, and even better campaigns every year. Having purchased an Xbox One I was unable to keep my Xbox 360 as I had to trade it in, there are already so many games that will be playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility, however as of now Call of Duty and Activision games are not on that list. For the sake of myself and the entire community, please make it so that we can enjoy our favorite Call of Duty titles and other Activison games from the past.

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